What freedoms do I have, as a teacher, regarding my personal faith?

I am a kindergarten teacher in a public school in California. I would like to know what freedoms I have as a teacher regarding my personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and also the rights of my students who want to express their faith in God. I find that young children have such an innate desire to know spiritual truths and make sense of life at their own level of understanding; what happens when people die, heaven, angels, God, creation. I would like some guidelines as to how I can answer some of these questions that is in keeping with the law.

From Chuck Colson:

That’s a great—and timely—question, Leslie.

I recorded a BreakPoint script last month on the topic of religious freedom in schools. You can find it on our website. ("Relgion in Schools")

There are guidelines available to parents and teachers to protect their children’s and students’ ability to express their faith—even in public school. I’d like to refer you to the organization Gateways to Better Education and to their “National Free to Speak Campaign,” which is going on right now.

I hope these will be useful resources for you.

Chuck Colson