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BP This Week: The Theology of Carols, part 2

Join us for part two of one of Chuck Colson's last radio interviews on the deeper meaning of the beloved Christmas carols.

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Last week we shared with you a re-air of one of Chuck Colson's last radio interviews, in which he joined John Stonestreet and T. M. Moore to discuss the theology of some of our most popular Christmas carols. This week we bring you part two of that conversation, in which Chuck shares his heart and why Christmas held such a special place in his life:

"In the midst of the recording I thought to my self I wasn't sure I wanted to take this much time to record these programs. This is the best thing I've done to prepare for Christmas. It has prepared my heart in the right way, not the way the culture is shaping us to thing about Christmas, but the way we Christians should think about it in the great tradition of which we're the heirs that goes back 2,000 years... Christmas is not just about the birth of a Babe in a manger. It's about the arrival of the King who has planted His flag on planet Earth, and announced that the reign of Satan has been broken."

Reiterating the familiar events of a year ago, Chuck could be speaking to us now as he recounts war, economic turmoil and national tragedy as the backdrop for last Christmas. This Christmas, perhaps better still, matches his description. But the reason this time of year offers such joy despite evil and suffering, he explains, is not because it distracts us from or helps soothe the effects of our fallen world's Curse, but because the entire message of Christmas is God's answer to that Curse.

Playing and reciting the most familiar Christmas carols we've all enjoyed  since childhood, T. M., Chuck and John challenge us to think more carefully about the words and theology contained in each. Very few carols focus on the mere events of the first Christmas. Instead, they use music to communicate the deeper meaning of those events, and the eternal significance of the in-breaking of God into human history.

"If everybody will stop and think this Christmas what Christ has actually done for them, it's going to get us out of our comfort zones, out of our therapeutic gospels, and out into the world doing the Gospel in gratitude for what Christ has done for us."

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