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BP This Week: Protecting Purity

John Stonestreet interviews Julie Hiramine, author and speaker on sexual purity, about protecting your family from the lure of pornography.

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While technology advances for the better, pornography never seems far behind. But whereas in the old days it was relegated to dark side streets, today it comes right into our homes via the internet, computers and smart phones. What’s a parent to do to protect our kids? That’s a question John Stonestreet takes up with guest Julie Hiramene in this week's edition of "BreakPoint This Week."

Your kids now have access, almost 24/7 and on countless devices like computers, tablets, smart phones and even video game systems to the most sexualized place in human history: the internet. Statistics show that most children and teens aren't looking for pornography. It is looking for them. And we also know that just a single, accidental viewing, if it goes unaddressed, can lead to a crippling addiction to internet sex—in children at shockingly young ages.

Julie Hiramine
Ready to give up hope? Don't. Even in today's world, Christian parents have options, and many weapons which parents in previous generations never dreamed of to combat the world's refuse. Today's guest, Julie Hiramine, is Founder and Executive Director of Generations of Virtue, a ministry dedicated to equipping parents to protect their children's purity and training them to live with sexual integrity.

Hiramine, who recently authored Guardians of Purity, offers time-tested principles and techniques for protecting your home and those you love from the tendrils of pornography and other types of illicit media seeking to subvert innocent minds and hearts. Online filtering software, password sharing, age-appropriate sex education and other recommendations are among the plans of attack she discusses in her book.

But as always, Hiramine is adamant that the most powerful tool parents can harness is their own relationship with their children. Being a part of their lives, opening the channels of communication, and exercising honesty about the traps in today's media and especially online can mean the difference between sexual brokenness and victorious purity for your son or daughter.

We encourage you to listen to this week's broadcast in full, pray for Julie Hiramine's ministry, and most importantly, take action in your home on behalf of your children and the God who cherishes their purity more than you'll ever know.

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Pornographers chase Children
Someone told me of a website where I could get a DVD of some family friendly cartoons. I punched in the web address in a hurry and was one letter off. I took me to a website offering every kind of degrading porn available. Why did they make it so close to a childrens web address? They are seeking children!
protecting purity
Thank you for addressing the issue of purity. We all need help with this in the current society where God's guidelines are abandoned and temptation is everywhere. I have been searching for good help in raising pure children in this age for a long time.

One questiion: Your link to the book, "Generations of Virtue:..." links to "Guardians of Purity" and other items. Does "Generations of Virtue:..." exist?

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