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BreakPoint This Week: Jennifer Roback Morse

Chuck Colson and John Stonestreet interview Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, founder of the Ruth Institute and one of the most preeminent voices defending marriage.

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Morse_JenniferMarriage: An institution ordained by God, and for thousands of years the very backbone of civilization. But now it's under siege as never before, and we as Christians may be the last line of defense. We must take a stand!

Join Chuck Colson and John Stonestreet for this eye-opening discussion as they interview one of the most influential soldiers on the front lines of the battle for marriage -- Jennifer Roback Morse, who updates us on the "state of unions."

Dr. Morse, says Chuck Colson, has embodied the theme of this year's Wilberforce Weekend: breaking the "spiral of silence." For years Dr. Morse, an economist by training, has devoted her understanding of market principles to combating the worst recession of our time: the society-wide impoverishment of marriage.

But this impoverishment is due in large part to ideals thrust upon us by a small but vocal minority. Because Christians have failed to respond to these new ideals -- the notions that women should find happiness in career rather than family, that children are a burden rather than a blessing, and that marriage really isn't necessary for a fulfilling sexual life -- we have watched our culture deteriorate to the point of open hostility and redefinition of its oldest institution.

The consequences are real, says Dr. Morse. The dearth of desire for marriage in young men and women, the widening "marriage gap" between upper-class and working class Americans and the open hostility in higher education toward this most foundational human relationship has wreaked havoc. Fewer children than ever before enjoy growing up in intact families, sex has become a consumer good and women have become deeply dehumanized in the eyes of the culture -- even cheap.

The solution, Jennifer argues, starts with us. But we must launch a positive campaign of re-education and re-veneration of lifelong, committed and fruitful love, rather than simply decrying the degradation of marriage, as easy as that might be.

Listen now to this critical conversation and take the next step by visiting the Ruth Institute to find out how you can get involved. Then hurry to register for the March 30 - April 1 Wilberforce Weekend, where you will meet Jennifer and other vanguards of the Christian worldview movement in person!

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