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BreakPoint This Week: Centurions in Action

John Stonestreet interviews graduates and faculty of the Centurions Program about connecting faith with life.

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Chuck Colson established the Centurions Program to equip the next generation of believers to understand the Christian Worldview so well, they can turn it into action. Chuck's hope was that we might live out our faith, and engage the culture fro Christ and the cause of Truth. During this interview, you'll hear from both Centurions who teach, and those who have been taught well through the Centurions classes, and are putting their training into practice.

Centurions_Main_ImageJoin John Stonestreet as he interviews fellow Centurions teachers Ken Boa and Glenn Sunshine fresh out of the 2011 Centurions commencement ceremony, about their experiences in the program.

Ken Boa, founder of Reflections Ministry, shares his vision of the Centurions program as a vehicle for spiritual formation and the integration of all areas of life not just the heart under Christ's authority.

"The biblical view of the world," he says, "invites us to see that wisdom is skill in the art of living in such a way that every component is brought under the dominion and  lordship of Christ. A skillful life then, is a life that has the ability to accomplish things that would never be achieved unless there was some training, some habituation. And this is a process that leads not to fewer but to greater options and greater freedom."

Glenn Sunshine, professor of history and Central Connecticut State University, and one of Chuck Colson's closest associates, describes how history, and the lessons we learn from it, form an integral part of the Centurions curriculum:

"God has given people insights into His Word and how His Word fits into the culture over the centuries, and it seems to me rather rude to expect God to repeat Himself to every generation. 'We don't need to learn from the past, we can learn directly from God in the scripture.' But if He's already given people insights it is really short-sighted of us not to take advantage of those, and in fact, is that a lot of our ways of thinking, a lot of our ways of understanding Scripture have already been developed by great theologians and thinkers over the centuries. And if you want to see how Christianity should influence the culture, how it should impact the culture, how it should change culture, we've got plenty of examples of that throughout history. Because, frankly, Christianity shaped Western culture have come out of Christianity from Christian thinkers who have looked at the Scriptures, thought hard about it and said, 'what does this mean to us?'"

John also invites two guests to the program, Centurions who have "become dangerous" after their year-long, intensive worldview training, and have put their knowledge into action in the real world, making an impact for religious freedom and the sanctity of life. Listen to the full program to fFind out their stories and how you can join their ranks this year!

There's still time to register to join the 2012 Centurions class, but registration closes in a few days! Click here to find out more.


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