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BreakPoint This Week: The New Pro-Life Movement

John Stonestreet interviews Lila Rose and Eric Metaxas about the up-and-coming pro-life movement, and how it can win.

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The Manhattan Declaration states clearly that Christians will not yield on biblical Truth. Religious liberty is a must, and what constitutes marriage and life are determined by God, not popular opinion. During this week's interview, we focus on the sanctity of life as we welcome Lila Rose, founder and president of LiveAction. You'll be encouraged to hear about the younger generation's enduring passion on this issue.

Lila Rose, 23, Founder & President of LiveAction
When pro-abortion forces changed a matter of life and death into one of "choice," the slippery slope of moral decline was upon us. Today John Stonestreet welcomes pro-life crusader Lila Rose to the program.

After founding her advocacy group at just sixteen years of age, Lila has spent her high school and college years leading a renewed and focused charge against what she considers the greatest evil in our culture: the taking of unborn human lives.

Lila has appeared on dozens of national news programs of major networks, and recently gained notoriety throughout the abortion industry and among pro-choice advocates for filming undercover visits to Planned Parenthood locations nationwide. During these investigations, Lila's LiveAction volunteers, posing as pimps, underage prostitutes, and ordinary women, found the nation's largest abortion provider willing and eager to assist human trafficking operations and perform sex-selection abortion.

During this week's fast-paced and inspiring interview, Lila opens her heart to share the concern and vision with moved her to enter the political fray so early in life, and explains her vision for bringing an end to abortion in America.

John Stonestreet also spends some time chatting with Eric Metaxas, his colleague and co-host on BreakPoint, about how the pro-life movement fits into the grand scheme of history, rightly claiming the mantle of the fights against slavery, genocide and racial injustice. As a historian of these events, Eric also has some encouraging and insightful words for the pro-life community as the cause of defending the unborn claims, for the first time since Roe v. Wade, the support of a solid majority of American citizens.

The message from Lila and Eric is clear: today, the fight for the sanctity of human life stands on firmer ground than ever before. We can win this thing, but only if we continue to augment our powerful arguments and political activism with servants' hearts and loving attitudes.

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  • Visit Lila Rose's website,, where you can learn more about the next-gen movement for human life, as well as watch the incriminating undercover Planned Parenthood videos which catapulted Lila and her organization onto the national stage. >>CLICK HERE
  • Watch Lila Rose's CNN which John mentions in this week's broadcast. >>CLICK HERE
  • Join your voice with hundreds of thousands of others by signing the Manhattan Declaration and expressing your support for the sanctity of human life, as well as the fundamental importance of religious freedom and marriage. Join us in building the momentum which Chuck Colson started when he and Dr. Robert and Timothy George wrote, "we will ungrudgingly render to Caesar what is Caesars, but under no circumstances will we render to Caesar what is God's." >>CLICK HERE


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Watch this Jonathan!
If anyone here, or involved with these ministries has not yet seen the 180movie at (also available on youtube), it is a MUST-SEE!

Jonathan, I appreciate the libertarian views that you hold. Please watch the 180movie and let me know what you think.
This weeks lesson
I was going to comment on Jonathan's comment but decided to give Breakpoint readers an assignment. Copy and paste Jonathan's comments to a Word doc and hand it out to your Bible study or Sunday school class. See how good your students are at finding his inconsistencies and pointing out his lack of logic.

Keep in mind folks, people like Jonathan are out there in our culture and they sometimes hold positions of influence.
I'm guessing you missed the irony in your last sentence, Jonathan.
I'm pro-abortion.
Okay, I have recently heard about this and I have to say I disagree with what this woman is advocating against. Pro-Choicers are not ALL abortion enthuaiasts, they value life just as much as anyone. The reason we belive that women should have the CHOICE, NOT THE REQUIREMENT, to get an abortion in the event that they may have: a health issue, financial instability, an abusive partner, etc. If a woman finds herself in a position where she cannot support herself, she cannot support a child. It is what it is. I'd also like to add that the Manhattan declaration states that religious liberty is a requirement. The UNITED STATES IS A SECULAR NATION, and as much as it hurts Christians, it is what it is. With religious liberty as a basis of judgment, let's analyze this hypothetical situation: A woman decides against abortion and has her child. Her child grows up and turns out to be homosexual. Would you STILL support that child's life? Of course not. Religious liberty would not allow such a thing, homosexuality is "WRONG" therefore it is not to be supported. In today's society, Conserverative Christians have gotten into the habit of involving themselves in the decisions of others, which is frankly, stupid. What someone else does is their business. If it has no effect on you, then leave the issue alone. Prostitution, pornography, etc. Is NOBODY'S business. It occurs between two consenting adults. People seriously need to mind their own business.
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