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BP This Week: The Theology of Carols, part 1

Join us for this re-air of one of Chuck Colson's last radio interviews on the deeper meaning of the beloved carols we often overlook.

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In this special re-air of a two-part series from last year on "BreakPoint This Week," we want to share with you again a very unique interview with Chuck Colson and T. M. Moore. Unbeknownst to Chuck, the Christmas shortly before which he recorded this would be his last. We hope his insights here on the music of the season will bring you as much joy and encouragement as they do us, and remind you of how Chuck saw, (and hoped we could see, too) the world around us through the eyes of a Christian—eyes which see everything in light of the fact that Christ has come, and death's days are numbered.

"This is the central Truth of Christianity," said Chuck. "That God invaded history, and became flesh, and has taken control over every aspect of our lives, and the rule of Satan has been broken...What is the reason to celebrate? It's not that we're going to get a Christmas gift. It's not that we're going to sit around the tree. It's not that the family is going to come home to be together. It is that we celebrate
'joy to the world!'—God has come and is in our midst. He is with us, in a very personal way!

"These are pretty grim times we're in now, but how about in the early Church with the plagues that swept through Roman cities, and the Barbarian invasion and the isolation of Christianity on the western shores of Ireland, and then the re-evangelization of Europe, and then all through the periods of persecution, through wars and battles, has there ever been a time when that isn't the greatest news human beings can hear? 'Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let the earth receive her King!' Can you imagine any time when that hasn't cheered the souls of pilgrims who follow Christ?"

"If churches every year would build their ministry strategy on the basis of these great hymns," adds T. M. Moore, "in terms of how we can be agents of Christ to bring his blessings and His kingdom to our churches, to our communities, to our country, to the culture—if we would let these hymns guide our thinking, I think our churches' lives, experience and ministry in the community would be vastly different than they tend to be. We would not be so focused inwardly, but we would be much more focused on bringing to the world, 'far as the curse is found,' all the blessings that Christ embodied when He came as that babe in the manger, when He gave His proclamation, fulfilled the calling to bear our sins on the cross, rose from the dead, ascended on high, poured out His spirit and has raised us up to take this good news, this message to the world."

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