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BP This Week: Making the Invisible Kingdom Visible, part 2

John Stonestreet interviews Eric Metaxas and Bob Muzikowski, recipient of a presidential award for helping transform inner city Chicago.

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In many ways, the Christian life is a tightrope walk between opposing errors. The ancient belief that we can save ourselves through hard work, good intentions or political programs seems to infiltrate our thinking on a regular basis. Christianity, with its Gospel of salvation by grace through faith, stands in stark opposition to this mindset. On the flip side, Christians have always struggled, since the time of the New Testament, to avoid the opposite error, which teaches that free grace gives believers license to live as they choose and ignore God's commands.

In the middle lies the balance which theologians describe as a faith that works. The reality of what Christ has done for us should spur us to live as He demonstrated, by loving and serving those around us, especially the victims of poverty, broken families and dysfunctional communities. As John Stonestreet points out frequently in our new "Re Series" video commentaries, Christianity is the story of restoration, renewal and reconciliation for all of creation, including culture and society.

Bob Muzikowski
That's what convinced Bob Muzikowski, a successful businessman who converted to Christianity more than two decades ago, that simply living in a "normal life" was not what God had in store for him. Reading the words of Christ, Bob became convinced of the Christian obligation to redeem communities and bring justice and hope to the lost and broken. So he and his wife made the radical decision to move into one of the most notorious neighborhoods of urban Chicago and fully integrate themselves into the community there. They sent their seven children to local schools, attended church, and used the unlikely tool of little league baseball to connect young men to the positive male role model they so desperately needed.

Eventually, the Muzikowskis' work led them to found Chicago Hope Academy, an entrepreneurially-funded private school designed to offer inner city kids the chance which so many wealthier families take for granted: a high quality education.

Bob Muzikowski is one of the many men and women who will join us soon in downtown Washington, D.C. for the annual Wilberforce Weekend conference to explore how Christians can put faith into action and make the invisible Kingdom visible. We hope you'll join us. But hurry! Space is limited and time is almost out.

You can also read the full story of Bob Muzikowski and Chicago Hope Academy in his book, "Safe at Home."

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