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BP This Week: Making the Invisible Kingdom Visible, part 3

Does the world seem darker than usual this week? John Stonestreet asks Jim Liske, Naghmeh Abedini and Tiffany Barrans how Christians should respond.

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You can't be a witness to the world if you hide or retreat from it. Making the invisible Kingdom visible requires putting faith into action. The people who ran toward the chaos at the Boston Marathon this past week, whether they were Christians or not, certainly acted in Christlike fashion. And responders both professional and voluntary who lent their hands to the victims of this week's several terrifying events symbolized the kind of courage demanded of Christ's Church in times of grave darkness, both physical and spiritual. And even when many of our society's information outlets preferred to keep silent about the chilling case of Kermit Gosnell, Christians and others of conviction took to alternative media channels and shone a spotlight on the true face of "choice," gruesomely revealed by this abortion doctor's murder trial.

During this week's broadcast, John Stonestreet and Prison Fellowship CEO, Jim Liske discuss the Christian call to reveal God's Kingdom by bringing the light of help, hope and truth to dark places. We'll also hear again from Naghmeh Abedini, wife of imprisoned American pastor Saeed Abedini, for an update on her husband's plight in Iran's infamous Evin Prison, and the difference the prayers and encouragement of God's people have made for him.

The deaths, the suffering and the evils this week has brought crush our hearts. Yet for those who know the God Who overcomes sin and death, countering horror with hope and responding to pain with compassion are standing orders. The heroes of Christian history had a militant faith which compelled them to rush into the maw of chaos, disease, and persecution in order to proclaim the truth and intervene on behalf of the hurting. As their heirs, we must not allow darkness to obscure the Kingdom which Jesus said is not far off and intangible, but "is in your midst." (Luke 17:21) We must reveal that Kingdom in our very lives, following Jesus' example of revoking the Curse one ache at a time, and showing the world that terrorism, persecution and tragic accidents have had their right to exist revoked in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps John Stonestreet expresses it best when he quotes Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who gave his life fighting the darkness of his time, and leading the faithful Church to rescue the oppressed:

"[Bonheffer] would have had something to say about all of these events," says John. "He had this line...he thought that Christianity had to walk in the real world. He said, 'Come out into the tempest of the living.' Sometimes the living doesn't seem quite as tempestuous as it has this week. But when we talk about the Kingdom of God, there's no illusions about it. The kingdom is the reality of God in a world that sometimes looks like this."

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MS' Bonhoeffer quote
Of course, let us not forget that the "narrow way" described in that quote is not one that Bonhoeffer himself followed. After all, he was involved in a plot to kill Hitler. That is hardly "facing his enemy unarmed and defenseless, ..." Unless, of course, he was planning to kill him by calling down fire from Heaven like Elijah!
Light in the Darkness
Bonhoeffer also wrote, "To believe the promise of Jesus that his followers shall possess the earth, and at the same time to face our enemies unarmed and defenseless, preferring to incur injustice rather than to do wrong ourselves, is indeed a narrow way."

If we American Christians would also listen to Charles Spurgeon's exhortations to Kingdom faithfulness, the light would grow.

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