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BP This Week: Inhuman

John Stonestreet interviews Kirsten Powers and Lila Rose about the recent trial of Kermit Gosnell and revelations of the "Inhuman" undercover video series.

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In the wake of the media blackout on the Kermit Gosnell murder trial and subsequent public groundswell which forced many outlets to cover the proceedings, some of the more extreme pro-abortion voices are pushing back. Writing in The Guardian, Jill Filipovic argues not only that the mainstream media had no responsibility to cover the trial, but amazingly, that the pro-life movement is partly to blame for Gosnell's "house of horrors."

One media voice telling the opposite story is Kirsten Powers, a columnist for The Daily Beast and Fox News analyst, who writes in USA Today about the scandal of media complicity in stifling coverage of this case. Relating her own experience, Powers tells how a friend's emails about the Gosnell case came as a shock to herone which compelled her to speak up and call out her fellow journalists for their agenda-driven silence.

Kirsten Powers
Kirsten Powers
As a registered Democrat who takes a moderate view on the abortion issue, Powers might not seem like the most likely whistle-blower. But confronted by the horrors of this particular case and driven by a conviction that legitimate disagreement cannot exist over late-term abortion, Powers became one of to first the shed daylight on the darkness of Gosnell's trial.

Our second guest this week returns to the program after getting into still hotter water for doing what she does best: exposing the hidden atrocities of the abortion industry through legal, legitimate and revealing undercover investigations. Lila Rose, pro-life crusader and founder of Live Action, announced less than two weeks ago at our annual Wilberforce Weekend conference that her organization planned to release a series of new undercover videos as part of its "Inhuman" project. You can catch all four videos to date by visiting

The discoveries so far have proved shocking. Abortion providers in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Phoenix, Arizona have expressed willingness to abandon or even kill babies born alive after botched abortions, a crime which pro-choice journalists have for weeks now been calling anomalous. But according to Rose, the Gosnell case, far from representing an isolated indecent, displays the calculus and impulse of abortionthe ending of a baby's lifetaken to its logical conclusion.

Lila Rose
That's what motivated Rose and her colleagues to undertake this daring project, and why she says Christians and the pro-life movement as a whole must not allow media reluctance to stay them from getting the word out about Gosnell and similar incidents. There is no such thing as legitimate abortion, says Rose, because all abortion is infanticide. She hopes that these videos will help expose not only how widespread disregard for the law is among abortion providers, but also the "schizophrenia" of American justice and jurisprudence on what separates a baby from disposable tissue.

We hope you find this week's broadcast challenging and inspiring, and that you'll join us in spreading the word and illuminating the evil of abortion for the world to see.

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