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BP This Week: Preparing Your Student for College

John Stonestreet interviews Mike Adams and Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries about preparing your student's worldview for the crucible of college.

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It's that time of year again: Graduation ceremonies are being held, diplomas are being awarded and many high school students are preparing to move into a whole new phase of life. For most parents, college represents the opportunity they've worked hard for years to offer their son or daughter. But for Christian young people today, college also poses the greatest threat many will face to the values, character and worldview their parents have spent so long instilling in them. A disturbing number of professors on campuses across the country deliberately subject their students to a worldview reformat designed to undermine their faith and inculcate militant secularism. Countless young minds have succumbed to this ideological onslaught, leaving many parents feeling cheated and disillusioned with college.

Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries
Fortunately, Christian parents and students are not without recourse. And although faith-friendly institutions aplenty exist where young adults can continue their education without the assault of anti-Christian ideas and authorities, there's no need to abandon public universities or secular colleges. As our two guests on this week's broadcast explain, parents have options to equip their students to face these challenges and overcome them. One of the most effective and time-honored is Summit Ministries, a two-week intensive worldview training residency in Colorado and Tennessee, where students receive instruction and ask questions of battle-tested Christian thinkers who can prepare them for the rigors of college.

“We just help students understand: Ideas flow in patterns," explains Summit President, Jeff Myers. "You can understand patterns of ideas just like you can understand the weather. And if you know that and you’re prepared to be be winsome...thoughtful and articulate and bold, if you can do that, then you become something different on the college campus than the typical Christian kid who’s just trying to get by..."

Letters to a Young Progressive, from Dr. Mike Adams
Myers' colleague, Dr. Mike Adams, also joins us this week to offer specific strategies your student can use to answer challenges to his or her faith in college. Drawing on his groundbreaking book, "Letters to a Young Progressive: How to Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand," Adams gives examples of how students might respond to professors, and how impressed parents and faculty have been with the positive results of his training.

His book, which is available at the Colson Center online store, aims directly at the needs of high school graduates, offering them straight-forward and easy-to-use answers to big questions and practical advice on confronting secularism in the classroom.

For more on Summit Minsitries, as well as how to sign your student up for one of the remaining spots this summer, visit We hope you've enjoyed this week's broadcast, and that it helps equip and challenge you for the life-shaping work you've been called to as a parent or teacher.

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Dr. Mike is on the front lines of impacting the culture for Christ, and doing such a great job!

They probably don't realize it now, but his students are blessed to have him.

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