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BreakPoint This Week: Marriage and the Church - How Now Shall We Respond?

John Stonestreet interviews Pastor Todd Wagner of Watermark Community Church and author Dr. Frank Turek about how Christians can still winsomely defend marriage.

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You're sitting around the table during a get-together with relatives, and suddenly it comes up. Someone in the room thinks the recent Supreme Court decision further undermining the legal uniqueness and protections of man-woman marriage is a leap forward to "civil rights" or "equality" in our nation. You know you should speak up and defend the natural, Christian view of marriage. But you're not sure how. You don't want to be called a "bigot," or seen as backward or motivated by hate. Should you keep silent to avoid offense? Or are there powerful yet winsome reasons you can offer why so-called "gay marriage" is not a step forward for our civilization, but the undoing of civilization's most fundamental unit?

Perhaps you're a pastor, and you feel helpless after the events of the last few weeks. You want to help your flock understand how to engage the culture around them, right down to their own family members and friends, but you're not sure how. After all, the narrative in this country has changed so rapidly, that conscientious dissent now seems beyond the pale of acceptable views. As John Stonestreet says, many pastors may even believe that "this ship has sailed"that same-sex "marriage" is inevitable, and that Christians waste time or even ruin their potential to witness by opposing the culture's growing obsession with redefining the family.

These fears are legitimate, but as our guests on this edition of "BreakPoint This Week" argue, Christians have many effective tools at our disposal for cutting through the emotional hype and arguing our case reasonably. In addition, we must understand that if we aren't willing to affirm the whole of Christian teaching, including sexual morality and the centrality of children, we cannot effectively affirm other parts of it, like the Gospel and salvation. We must avoid despair, we must avoid the temptation to shirk out duty to proclaim unpopular doctrines, and we must remember above all that this isn't a battle between liberals and conservatives, or between Christians and non-believers, but between Truth and lies. Lies may be compelling, and they may even become enshrined in law. But ultimately, they cannot stand the combined assault of Truth and gentleness from Christians truly interested in loving their neighbors.

That's what we hope this broadcast will equip you to do as we join guests Todd Wagner, pastor of Watermark Community Church, and Dr. Drank Turek, television host, radio commentator and author. These two men have made unique contributions to the marriage debate, and offer practical methods for challenging those around you to think more deeply—especially your closest friends and family who may have swallowed the culture's narrative.


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