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BreakPoint This Week: The Oscars - A Christian Perspective

John Stonestreet welcomes Bryan Coley to discuss this year's Academy Award nominees, and what they reveal about our culture. Plus, a special chat about "Risen" with actor Joseph Fiennes.

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Note from the editor: Please be aware that several of the films discussed this week are rated R, and contain violence, language, and sexuality. BreakPoint is not endorsing these movies, but drawing out their worldview implications. We urge our listeners to carefully look at rating and content before watching them. You can find out more from our friends at Plugged In.

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  • We welcome Bryan Coley, Founder and Cheif Creative Director of Art Within, an organization started to "develop, produce and distribute groundbreaking methods and innovative scripts that are culturally relevant and that explore penetrating Hope and Truth from a Judeo-Christian worldview." Bryan explains how each of this year's Oscar nominees for best picture pose a common question to audiences: "Will we survive?" The answers they offer, he says, represent a shift from years past, when Hollywood expected our savior to come from outside of our midst. Today's movies, by contrast, suggest that salvation will come from among us. In other words, we are our own saviors. 
  • Bryan explores the questions and answers suggested by the eight films nominated for best picture. Here are trailers for each: "Bridge of Spies," "The Revenant," "Spotlight," "The Martian," "Mad Max: Fury Road," "The Big Short," "Room," and "Brooklyn."
  • We also talked with actor Joseph Fiennes about his starring role in the new film, "Risen," a fictional account of the hunt for Jesus' body. Eric Metaxas also talks about "Risen" on BreakPoint, and says it could be a breath of fresh air to Christian moviegoers burned by disrespectful and bizarre biblically-based films in recent years.

"BreakPoint This Week" is hosted by John Stonestreet, President of the Colson Center, and Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of Lifeway Research.

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