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BreakPoint This Week: The Trouble with 'Locker Room Talk'

American Christians are conflicted over some of the crudest words ever spoken in a presidential race. But no matter how you vote, there's no defending "locker room talk."

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  • Donald Trump steps in it: It’s only been a week since a 2005 video emerged of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump referring to women with profane terms and bragging about sexual assault. John Stonestreet takes on this hard subject on BreakPoint, arguing that Christians should never defend this kind of behavior. With an ongoing cascade of serious accusations against Trump, a host of prominent Christian publications like WORLD and Christianity Today have condemned his behavior and apparent dismissal of the 2005 tape. Many Christian leaders have also called for him to exit the race, while others have reversed their previous support for him. This election, Christians face an agonizing choice, and our hosts recognize that listeners will come to different decisions. But excusing or defending sexual assault or objectification of women is never acceptable.
  • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship under fire: The nation’s largest Christian students’ network has come under intense criticism from the secular media after announcing that it would enforce its statement of faith for employees, including its belief that sex belongs only in marriage between a man and a woman. TIME magazine woefully mischaracterized Intervarsity’s move as an attack on progressive employees. Ed Stetzer defends Intervarsity’s decision in Christianity Today, which has the complete story, here. And writing in First Things, Samuel James argues that it’s progressives at TIME and elsewhere, not Intervarsity, who are out to silence those with opposing views.

"BreakPoint This Week" is hosted by John Stonestreet, President of the Colson Center, and Ed Stetzer, Billy Graham Chair, and Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College.

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Well there is no evidence that we elected Winston Churchill as of yet. And refraining from locker room talk is the act of a gentleman of which, be it known, we had several available which we did not elect despite the fact that survival in our political system is not a quality that is conducive to gentlemanly behavior. And being the Messiah requires moral qualities far above those even of a gentleman, and we do not get to elect Him for anyone but ourselves, which is probably just as well as most of us would probably vote for someone else.
don't vote for Pres, vote for Supreme Court
Trump is obviously a seriously flawed human being. So was Winston Churchill. We are not electing Jesus, we are electing someone who will nominate the next Supreme Court members. With liberty of faith, freedom, and the right to bear arms at stake, I'm voting for some one who will stem the tide of our decline, not for a savior. Only God can save us if, by grace, repentance and awakening comes to the whole land. Otherwise our love of the ways of Balaam will surely destroy our nation.

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