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BreakPoint This Week: Advent and Those Who Have Gone Before Us

The season when we mark Jesus' coming is here, but we're also marking the passing of an evangelical giant who brought countless souls to Christ.

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(Photo: The Billy Graham Library)

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  • Cliff Barrows Passes: A giant of evangelical Christianity who partnered with Billy Graham from the early days of the crusades has gone home to glory. At Christianity Today, Ed Stetzer draws lessons from the life of this good and faithful servant. Also, read about the Modesto Manifesto and the concrete steps Graham’s team took to hold each other accountable to God’s standards and integrity in ministry.

    Given the passing of icons like Barrows, it’s easy to wonder whether the era of revivals has ended. But as powerfully as these men were used by God, John Stonestreet suggests the de-professionalization of evangelism and apologetics is a good thing. In a recent BreakPoint, he offers practical tips for how to raise and answer the big questions around the table this holiday season.
  • The Rise of the Alt-Right?: Our hosts discuss the newfound prominence of the Alternative Right, a political movement focused on racial and national identity that’s begun treating President-Elect Trump a kind of figurehead. While Trump has appointed self-described Alt-Right member Steve Bannon as his chief strategist, he’s also disavowed recent displays of racism and Nazi imagery at the Alt-Right’s most prominent gatherings. In an interview with NPR shortly before the election, National Review columnist and outspoken Trump critic David French describes the disturbing treatment he and his family received from online members of this political movement.
  • Advent Begins: This Sunday marks the beginning of Advent, the season during which Christians in liturgical churches prepare to celebrate the coming of Christ in Bethlehem, and look forward to His return to restore all things. On BreakPoint, John reflects on this moment and offers resources for listeners who want to participate in Advent through the beauty of song. 

"BreakPoint This Week" is hosted by John Stonestreet, President of the Colson Center, and Ed Stetzer, Billy Graham Chair, and Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College.

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Attack on Steve Bannon
I agree with you, Kenny. I was so disappointed to see breakpoint join the chorus connecting Steve Bannon with racism. I think charges can be traced back to his connection to the alt-right as described by milo Yiannopoulos. Milo wrote an article first describing the alt-right as a very edgy, intellectual far-right group which the MSM left co-opted to include racist, white supremacists. Possibly when Bannan described himself as alt-right, which I was unable to find, it was before racist was attached to this new label.
BPTW Alt-Right discussion
I have to say how disappointed I am in your comments about Steve Bannon and Breitbart. While I abhor the racist fringe groups, we cannot expect good news agencies to filter every news story or group that we deem offensive. In doing so, we become no better than the MSM (aka Hillary's army) who cherry picked the stories that fit nicely into their narrative. As far as Bannon himself, the accusations of his racism are completely fabricated by the aforementioned MSM. by criticizing him as catering to the alt-right, you simply play into their false narrative. Please do a little deeper research next time before throwing an ally of our cause under the proverbial bus.

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