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From First Things

"Far be it from me to improve upon Pascal (or Trueman), but a robust understanding of human nature finds entertainment to be more than 'legitimate.' Every culture includes entertainment. It is a gift (literally, 'that which is given') of the human condition. If it is a gift that our age (including the church) has misused, then its misuse is the result not of caring too much about entertainment, but of caring too little. Entertainment isn’t the problem; acedia is."

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From The Gospel Coalition

"When social media demands immediate reaction, it’s easy in our polarized society to speak past each other, make wrong assumptions, and be misunderstood. And these dangers are nowhere more of reality than when addressing race-related questions in the United States.

"In order to gain perspective on an often perplexing set of issues, I recently reached out to several TGC friends and asked for book recommendations—for essential books that illumine the cultural moment we’re in, explain how we got here, and encourage us forward."

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From The Daily Signal

"After the six Democrats on the special House panel physically exited the room in protest, the Republicans investigating the fetal tissue market voted unanimously to take legal action against StemExpress for refusing to hand over its accounting records."

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From Free Beacon

"President Obama criticized 'perversions' of Islam being 'tolerated' in Middle Eastern mosques during his address before the United Nations on Tuesday, saying that such attitudes helped fuel the rise of the Islamic State terrorist group."

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From The Independent

"Pope Francis announced the proposal following a meeting of the panel he set up to tackle child abuse within the Church and help survivors of past attacks. The Church will also establish an educational website with information and advice."

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From The Daily Signal

"The student and his parents unsuccessfully sued the Fairfax County School Board, and last week the Virginia Supreme Court agreed to take up their appeal."

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From Public Discourse

"Many now chide those of us who oppose the notion of same-sex marriage, telling us, 'The battle over marriage has been decided. Move on.' And for the time being, as a political reality, this may be true. However, there is a much larger, far more important reality that must be acknowledged: spiritual reality. While the political battle may be over for a brief time, the spiritual battle is just beginning."

Read more: Doug Mainwairing, Public Discourse, The Witherspoon Institute
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From Headlines and Homilies

"One of the things that struck me here—and it happened several times—was the continued, fervent, insistent presence of faith. People scrawled prayers on these pieces of metal, and elsewhere, and it became a recurring motif at the museum. The question has often been asked, 'Where was God on 9/11?' He was there.

"And he is here. Still."

Read more: Deacon Greg Kandra, Headlines and Homilies, Aleteia
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From BBC News

"A terminally ill 17-year-old has become the first minor to be helped to die in Belgium since age restrictions on euthanasia requests were removed two years ago, officials say."

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From USA Today

"A terror suspect caught up in a gunfight with officers is brought into custody alive, yet an unarmed black man whose car stalled on the road days earlier is shot dead.

"That's the critique many have made online since details surfaced about the officer-involved shooting of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Okla."

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From The New York Times

"When representatives from the United States and other countries gathered in Evian, France, in 1938 to discuss the Jewish refugee crisis caused by the Nazis, they exuded sympathy for Jews -- and excuses about why they couldn’t admit them. Unto the breach stepped a 33-year-old woman from Massachusetts named Martha Sharp."

Read more: Nicholas Kristof, SundayReview, The New York Times
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From The Gospel Coalition

"My Baylor colleague Alan Jacobs has a provocative article in Harper’s magazine, in which he asks 'What Became of the Christian Intellectuals?' I say 'provocative' because it has provoked intelligent and charitable responses from Albert Mohler and Owen Strachan, among others. I encourage you to take time to read each of these pieces. It may be one of the best exchanges on Christian intellectual life I have read, at least since the publication of George Marsden’s The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship."

Read more: Thomas S. Kidd, The Gospel Coalition
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