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From The Weekly Standard

"If you cannot bear to look at Gibson's face, or consider Gibson's work because of what he's said and done, your refusal to do so is unimpeachable. It's an emotional as well as intellectual response to the unforgivable and is both valid and worthy. But what of those of us who know full well that he's despicable and yet (as the fact that I saw Blood Father attests) can still bring ourselves to watch him or see the films he directs?"

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From The Times Literary Supplement

"The rise of the Islamic State is simply the latest twist in the unfolding tale of the various jihads that have plagued the Muslim world for two decades now, claiming well over a million lives, mostly Muslim. People are understandably struggling to know what to think about all this. The two books under review purport to help shed some light on what’s going on -- one by looking through a wide-angle lens at the history of the Caliphate since its first incarnation in the seventh century; the other by zooming in close on the horror story of the past two decades and narrating it beat by beat."

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From The Federalist

"I am not claiming there has been no family and social breakdown, but agreeing with Levin that the question is not 'How do we get back there?' There is no going back. Nostalgia only distracts and blinds us from finding good solutions and a way to navigate the constellation of family issues."

Read more: Luma Simms, The Federalist
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From Swimming in the Dark

"When we call other bad habits or potentially dangerous practices 'porn,' we’re downgrading human sexuality to just another kind of optimal pastime that couples ought to be aiming for. And that’s nonsense, tragic nonsense."

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From The Playlist

"Based on Shüsaku Endō’s novel, and starring Andrew Garfield, Liam Neeson, and Adam Driver, the film is set in the 17th century and follows a pair of Jesuit priests who face violence and persecution when they travel to Japan to locate their mentor and spread the gospel of Christianity. "

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From GetReligion

"I was curious why this story did not probe the experiences of people who expected to meet God and whether their pre-death days differed from others. It’s not an unreasonable question."

Read more: Julia Duin, GetReligion
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From First Things

"Far be it from me to improve upon Pascal (or Trueman), but a robust understanding of human nature finds entertainment to be more than 'legitimate.' Every culture includes entertainment. It is a gift (literally, 'that which is given') of the human condition. If it is a gift that our age (including the church) has misused, then its misuse is the result not of caring too much about entertainment, but of caring too little. Entertainment isn’t the problem; acedia is."

Read more: Karen Swallow Prior, First Things
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From The Gospel Coalition

"When social media demands immediate reaction, it’s easy in our polarized society to speak past each other, make wrong assumptions, and be misunderstood. And these dangers are nowhere more of reality than when addressing race-related questions in the United States.

"In order to gain perspective on an often perplexing set of issues, I recently reached out to several TGC friends and asked for book recommendations—for essential books that illumine the cultural moment we’re in, explain how we got here, and encourage us forward."

Read more: Ivan Mesa, The Gospel Coalition


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From The Daily Signal

"After the six Democrats on the special House panel physically exited the room in protest, the Republicans investigating the fetal tissue market voted unanimously to take legal action against StemExpress for refusing to hand over its accounting records."

Read more: Kelsey Harkness, The Daily Signal
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From Free Beacon

"President Obama criticized 'perversions' of Islam being 'tolerated' in Middle Eastern mosques during his address before the United Nations on Tuesday, saying that such attitudes helped fuel the rise of the Islamic State terrorist group."

Read more: David Rutz, Free Beacon
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From The Independent

"Pope Francis announced the proposal following a meeting of the panel he set up to tackle child abuse within the Church and help survivors of past attacks. The Church will also establish an educational website with information and advice."

Read more: Gabriel Samuels, The Independent
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From The Daily Signal

"The student and his parents unsuccessfully sued the Fairfax County School Board, and last week the Virginia Supreme Court agreed to take up their appeal."

Read more: Leah Jessen, The Daily Signal
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