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'Utah judge removes lesbian couple’s foster child, says she’ll be better off with heterosexuals'Leah HickmanNov 17, 2015 4:07 PMGender Issues, Marriage & Family, Politics & Government, Sexual Ethics, Youth Issues

'Obama supports altering Civil Rights Act to include gender discrimination'Gina DalfonzoNov 10, 2015 2:00 PMGender Issues, Politics & Government, Racial Issues, Sexual Ethics

'Hating Queerness without Hating the Queer'Gina DalfonzoNov 09, 2015 9:52 AMApologetics, Books, Church Issues, Gender Issues, Marriage & Family, Religion & Society, Sexual Ethics, Theology, Worldview

'The Suffragettes Would Not Agree with Feminists Today on Abortion'Gina DalfonzoNov 05, 2015 2:05 PMGender Issues, History, Human Rights & Persecution, Life Issues, Politics & Government

'Is the 'My Body, My Choice' mantra dead?'Gina DalfonzoNov 02, 2015 12:10 PMArts & Media, Gender Issues, Health & Science, Life Issues

'Kansas University Student Senate Votes to Ban ‘His/Her’ from Governing Document . . .'Gina DalfonzoOct 27, 2015 3:15 PMEducation, Gender Issues, Trends

'Nurses, fathers, teachers, mothers. Why do we devalue someone the minute they care for others?'Gina DalfonzoOct 27, 2015 10:27 AMBooks, Business & Economics, Gender Issues, Marriage & Family, Trends, Worldview

'Meet the Yale Law Grad Who Abandoned Her Career to Help Save 200 Chinese Babies'Gina DalfonzoOct 23, 2015 12:18 PMGender Issues, Human Rights & Persecution, Inspiration, International Affairs, Life Issues, Marriage & Family, Politics & Government

'Why Is Our Society Manufacturing Rage-Filled, Self-Hating Young Men?'Gina DalfonzoOct 15, 2015 1:46 PMArts & Media, Crime & Justice, Demographics, Gender Issues, Marriage & Family, Trends, Worldview, Youth Issues

'American Surrogate Mom Dies'Gina DalfonzoOct 12, 2015 2:47 PMEthics, Gender Issues, Health & Science, Human Rights & Persecution, Life Issues, Marriage & Family

'University of Toronto Dumps Transgender Bathrooms After Peeping Incidents'Gina DalfonzoOct 09, 2015 4:46 PMCrime & Justice, Education, Gender Issues, Sexual Ethics

'Abuser and Survivor, Face to Face'Gina DalfonzoOct 09, 2015 10:49 AMCrime & Justice, Gender Issues, Marriage & Family, Racial Issues, Restorative Justice

''All Sorts of Nasty': . . . Yelp Reviews of Planned Parenthood Clinics Will Horrify You'Gina DalfonzoOct 08, 2015 11:39 AMBusiness & Economics, Gender Issues, Health & Science

'Do Boys Need a New Kind of Hero?'Gina DalfonzoOct 07, 2015 3:46 PMArts & Media, Books, Ethics, Gender Issues, Marriage & Family, Worldview, Youth Issues

'The Cocked Fist Culture'Gina DalfonzoOct 05, 2015 2:25 PMArts & Media, Education, Gender Issues, Racial Issues, Trends, Worldview

'Activist: China’s One-Child Policy Responsible for More Violence Against Women Than Any Other . . .Gina DalfonzoSep 25, 2015 4:01 PMDemographics, Disasters & Humanitarian Efforts, Gender Issues, Human Rights & Persecution, International Affairs, Life Issues, Politics & Government, Worldview

'The Cosby Conversation We're Still Not Having'Gina DalfonzoSep 24, 2015 9:09 AMChurch Issues, Crime & Justice, Disasters & Humanitarian Efforts, Gender Issues, Racial Issues, Sexual Ethics

'Why the modern civil rights movement keeps religious leaders at arm’s length'Gina DalfonzoSep 21, 2015 4:30 PMChurch Issues, Demographics, Gender Issues, History, Politics & Government, Racial Issues, Religion & Society, Sexual Ethics, Theology, Trends

'House votes to freeze federal funding for Planned Parenthood'Gina DalfonzoSep 18, 2015 8:42 PMArts & Media, Gender Issues, Health & Science, Life Issues, Politics & Government, Sexual Ethics

'God battles 'Straight Outta Compton' for African-Americans' souls'Gina DalfonzoSep 14, 2015 11:48 AMArts & Media, Church Issues, Demographics, Gender Issues, Marriage & Family, Racial Issues, Religion & Society, Trends