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'Fiery preacher leaving pulpit, but this won't be his last word'

"'I have ... a limited amount of energy, and I want it to go toward reading, writing, preaching but not organizational efforts at meetings,' Piper said in a recent interview."

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Quoting from the article:
He said he considers himself a "happy Calvinist -- which is an oxymoron. I'm on a crusade to make that not an oxymoron."

Calvinism does sometimes seem to be a theology designed by and for grumps and grouches. A Mormon friend of mine was challenged about his good humor and sunny disposition by a Calvinist who had taken up the challenge (from Jonathan Edwards, I think??) to rid himself of all mirth. The Mormon was able to do a better job of it, but admitted to me that it was all a charade, simply to beat the Christian at his own game. The Mormon was surprised to learn that some Christians, like me, love humor. He thought all of us were dour Calvinists.

Yet, I've heard R.C. Sproul (Senior) be absolutely hilarious on a routine basis.

I'd love to hear definitively from the young New Calvinists whether or not they think laughter (and not the derisive kind) and even a mere happy disposition is OK for Christians.