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'Pope washes feet of young Muslim woman prisoner in unprecedented twist on Maundy Thursday'

"'There is no better way to show his service for the smallest, for the least fortunate,' said Gaetano Greco, a local chaplain."

Read more: Harriet Alexander, et al., Telegraph


I'm of two minds on this.

There are few things as humbling as having your feet washed by another person. I've only had it done once in my life. I really wanted to go through the floor, it's that embarrassing. But it's powerful because of that!

So purely on a personal level, I do hope this will make an impression on that woman and help bring her to Christ.

But if we're talking symbolic moves, why not wash the feet of those prisoners (Christian or even non-Christian) who are in jail BECAUSE of Islam? Can you imagine how powerful it would've been to see the Pope doing this and making a small comment about freedom on their behalf? He wouldn't have had to preach or say anything to cause an international incident. A simple sentence about freedom of religion would have done just fine.