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'Edith Schaeffer, 1914-2013'

"Among Edith Schaeffer’s greatest contributions to the world: her humanity, artistic nature, humility, and hospitality. Sometimes Sunday lunch boasted as many as 36 guests, but she always made more food than she expected to need. She made rolls by hand, forming them individually, sometimes into the shapes of snails, topping them with different kinds of seeds, and turning the leftover dough into cinnamon rolls. She would sometimes stop in the process of roll making to take a phone call, then pray for the caller. “You keep making the rolls,” she’d say to her assistant Mary Jane Grooms. 'I’ll pray.'"

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Well, shame on me for not even realizing she was still around!

This was a very sweet read. I know very little about her. She sounds like she was an amazing person in her own right. (I didn't even know she had written books until a friend of mine happened to show me her book about family!)