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'The Profound Moral Failure of Benghazi'

"If the most current reports can be believed, after depriving our men and women on the ground of the security they begged for, our leaders didn’t just stand by and watch as a tiny band of courageous but out-gunned Americans gave their last full measure of devotion to try to save an ambassador, save their fellow diplomats, and save themselves against an overwhelming terrorist force; those same leaders told potential rescuers to 'stand down.' This isn’t just a tactical failure, or a failure of process. It’s a failure of character, and if there is any honor left in Washington, those responsible should resign."

Read more: David French, The Corner, National Review Online


I couldn't agree more. Every single person involved in this disgraceful event has blood on their hands. Not only should each one of them resign or be removed from their positions, but they should be held legally responsible for these deaths.

This is the single most disgusting, shameful event I have ever witnessed by my government in my lifetime. It's not a just moral failure. At best, it's criminal negligence. At worst, it's the deliberate and willful abandonment of American citizens/military to the enemy. There have also been questions raised about who these attackers exactly were, and where and how they got their weapons.

The word 'treason' is not too far from my mind.

The only thing that will be more shameful is if Barack Obama and everyone else involved are *not* removed from office over this.