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'Are Women Really Saved through Childbearing?'

"We in the Christian community do not have a theology for childlessness, at least not one that's made its way to me and my circle of friends. Christians lift up stories of barren women in scripture who eventually conceive. We gloss over difficult passages like 1 Timothy 2:15, attributing them to an unenlightened age; or, like the panelist, embrace them at face value, not bothering to explore all the possible interpretations of such an assertion."

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There are very few Scripture passages where I think to myself, "I have NO clue what is meant by this." At the very least, I can grasp what it doesn't mean because I'm comparing it with other passages. But this is one of those passages where I'm left thoroughly confused.

So thanks for the article. At least it puts forth some ideas on understanding it, as well as acknowledging the very painful reality of childlessness.
Is that more a girl thing then a guy thing? I've sometimes been whimsically envious(not the correct theological term really)on seeing people leading children around but I never get as worked up about it as I do about singleness.