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'California Wildfires, Windmills + A Final End to The Mother's Day Wars'

"But there are so many reasons I will fight to defend that one tiny spray-painted carnation that I’ve stood to receive and then gripped all through church in my hot mother’s hands for the last 24 Mother’s Days."

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I was thinking about this on Sunday. We currently work so hard at not offending those who are not mothers, that we are taking away the joy and honor of mothers. Can we not celebrate the joy and success of others, even if we do not or cannot participate in that success? Jason is right. Let's rejoice with those who rejoice, as well as weeping with those who weep.

And the solution proposed basically celebrates nothing. It gives no honor, only flowers.
I'm glad I read through to the end. I hate and dread Mother's Day and all the other made-up holidays, for the reasons she mentioned. They only only serve to torment those who, for whatever reasons out of their control, cannot participate in celebration. (I know it's not meant to be that way, but that's how it ends up.)

At least she put forth a solution.
The thing is, it does say "rejoice with those who rejoice" as well as "weep with those who weep."