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'Raped 11-year-old stirs an abortion debate in Chile'

"Chilean President Sebastian Pinera stoked an abortion debate in his country over remarks he made about an 11-year-old girl who became pregnant after being raped by her mother's partner."

Read more: Elwyn Lopez, CNN


"her mother's partner" - this speaks volumes, doesn't it? What sort of woman chooses to be involved with a man capable of such an act?! Sickening.

This poor little girl.

This is a perfect case for the pro-abortion side to exploit. Cases like this are very rare, but are treated like the norm.

Sadly, even a tragedy like this is not justification for murdering the unborn child. The only exception is if the pregnancy affects her health. Even then, the goal should be to save them both, not to deliberately murder the baby.

What an awful, tragic situation. There are no easy answers here.

But deliberately murdering the baby is not the solution.