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'When Judges Assume That Men Cannot Control Their Own Sexual Urges'

"Last Friday, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled on a gender discrimination case brought by a dental assistant who had been let go from her job because she was 'too attractive.' According to the court documents, the dentist who employed her, Dr. James Knight, claimed that 'her clothing was too tight and revealing and was distracting.'

"She was simply too alluring to him. So Knight, unable to stop his ears with wax, terminated her employment after ten years of service. Nelson [the employee who was fired], in response, sued Knight for gender discrimination. Unfortunately for her, the seven male justices of the Iowa Supreme Court, ruled unanimously both in December and on the subsequent appeal on July 12th, against her. Their ruling? Melissa Nelson was not terminated because of her gender, but because of the 'perceived threat to Dr. Knight's marriage' that her continued presence in the workplace represented."

Read more: Mieke Eerkens, The Atlantic


Couldn't the dentist have resigned?