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'Are You Raising Your Child to Be a Hero like Temar Boggs?'

"Boggs is as modest as he is brave, but he's most certainly wrong: not everyone would do what he did.

"While most Christian parents, like Boggs['s] mom, teach their children to help others, we tend to add an unspoken caveat. We want our children to 'love their neighbor' as long as it doesn't put our kids at risk for emotional or physical harm. How many of us would cringe at the idea of our young teen chasing after a kidnapper? I know I did, and I suspect I'm in the majority."

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I heard about that story. Now THAT is a young man of courage and character! Bravo!

I bet we won't see our president calling him or telling the world, "If I had a son, he'd look like Temar Boggs."

And you know what? On the second point, he's right. Courage and character are things this president knows nothing about.