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'There's a Remarkable Story . . . from the Westgate Mall Attack'

"Asked by the hosts about the now iconic photograph, Haji said that his group were communicating with two women and their three children hiding behind the white table in the picture. After asking the women to run, they said they couldn't do it with the three children at once, so Haji asked the eldest child to run towards them alone."

Read more: Adam Taylor, Business Insider

(H/T Sarah Pulliam Bailey)


from The Telegraph:

"Since he has been identified, many Kenyans have hailed Mr Haji as a hero but he disagrees.

"'I think I did what any Kenyan in my situation would have done to save lives, to save other humans regardless of their nationality, religion or creed,' he said.

"Portia [the girl in the photo] and her big brother have since been sent back to school in an attempt to establish 'a new normal', Mr Walton [Portia's father] said.

"'Our two-year-old cries a little bit more and Portia wants to stand a little closer but really they are doing exceptionally well considering,' his wife added.

"But despite their ordeal, Mr Walton said the family had no intention to leave Kenya. 'There will always be bad people in the world but it's the comfort of knowing that there are good people that matters,' he said.

"'The way this community drew together and responded was just incredible. It's an honour and a privilege to be able to live among such good people.'

"Asked what they would tell their children about the Westgate attack when they grew up, he said: 'We will be truthful with them.

"'It defies logic that they survived but we're a family of deep faith and take a lot of comfort from knowing that God protected them.'"
The point is simply to celebrate a kind man who did a brave deed. That's all.
I had not seen this photo nor heard about it. (I had seen the one with the woman holding the baby in the striped outfit, but again, didn't know any details.) To be honest, I haven't sought out too much or too detailed information on this slaughter. It's too horrible.

But I'm not sure what this story is supposed to say, or why this event is remarkable.

Okay, so this Muslim man helped save these people. Isn't that what any normal person would do if they had the ability to do?

This says nothing about what his ideology teaches or about what his coreligionists do on a regular basis, in obedience to those teachings.

And *that* should be the real focus of this entire horrific episode.