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'Fecundophobia: The Growing Fear of Children and Fertile Women'
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"The media remind us regularly that the most important cultural value relative to family life is what’s euphemistically called 'choice.' The choice of whether to have kids or not is held so sacrosanct that our laws permit the decision to be made many months after a new human life begins. Some even advocate extending the choice to a period of time after birth. So why the weird reaction to people receiving children as a blessing instead of fighting them tooth and nail with hormones, chemicals, surgery and scissors? Do we need some remedial courses in how babies are made? It’s entirely natural, of course, for babies to be conceived when men and women have sex. Treating the entirely expected procreation of children as something to be avoided at all costs — and an unspeakable atrocity if one has, say, three children already — would be weird even if our culture weren’t obsessed with sex at all times, in all places, in every context, at every moment."

Read more: Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

(H/T Shane Morris)


Them PESKY kids!
As many here know, some people are trained to despise "too many humans on earth". Some are taught to despise "excess humans" in high school/college.

You see these 21st century Modern Malthuses...commenting online about "the excess population" on some news stories about human population/abortion.

Recently, My high school son got 3 out of 4 possible points RIGHT on a science "overpopulation" worksheet. His solution to "too many people" was "Exterminate".
(Note: fortunately We had just heard about Bad Science Claims in the movie "Red Tails". Black fighter pilots were at first banned by the WW2 military because some science study said they were "inferior".

As my son is biracial...hoping the lesson stuck. " i.e. Don't believe everything you're told. Even if it's "science"." He is also adopted - born to an underage teen on the streets. He was also born on drugs. FORTUNATELY his life was preserved! Hmmm. I should remind him that some foolishly would have wanted to discard him!
Whoever said "if men could get pregnant abortion would be a sacrament" hasn't the foggiest idea about men. Men rather perversely choose uncomfortable things as sacraments. If men could get pregnant, pregnancy would be a sacrament.