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'Sexy teen Halloween costumes: What's a parent to do?'

"What's most disturbing is that girls have much less choice when they go to the costume store to be seen as anything other than a physical object. The only way they can dress up for Halloween is as something that reveals their body. A boy can be a pirate with baggy pants, an eye patch, a sword and a parrot on his shoulder, The costume matches the character. With the girl, the pirate is wearing a short skirt. As a superhero, she's wearing a short skirt. And my favorite is Cookie Monster with a short skirt. Every costume becomes about the physicality of the body it reveals, not about the characteristics of the character being impersonated."

Read more: Annalisa Castaldo, interviewed by Michelle Healy, USA Today


My solution would be to ignore this depressing, demonic celebration of evil and death completely. But then, I'm a party pooper like that.

As for slutty costumes, if a parent pays for it, then they shouldn't complain.