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'The night Philip Seymour Hoffman changed my life ...'

"Hoffman’s children may someday hear the sad details of how his life ended. What they should also know is that fatherhood was a role he loved so much, he wanted everyone he met to play it too."

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(H/T Rod Dreher)


I will just copy/paste the comment I left on the site:

Can we stop using the phrase, "had his demons"? This man made a willing choice to destroy his life with drugs. He chose to love drugs more than his children. So, please, can we not turn him into more than what he was?

If he really had loved his children, he would have chosen to get whatever help he needed in order to stop this destructive behavior, so that he could be around to raise his children. It's not like he didn't have the financial means to do so! Some people don't even have that option.

In the end, he chose a needle in the arm over his innocent, precious children, who will now miss him and suffer for the rest of their lives without him.

That's not love. That's the depth of selfishness.