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Teaching our young people
Dear Chuck,

I want to first say "thank you" for your work and the work of the many others associated with you for what you are doing to "educate" our society and culture about a Biblical Worldview.

I live in Beijing, China and I am the 12th grade Bible teacher at a small, Christian International School and teach a course called Biblical Worldview. The problem is that most information and resources out there are designed for adults or are not "quality" mateiral. I am currently using a combination of "The Truth Project" and Summit Ministries curriculum called "Understanding the Times". Neither is quite what is needed in an International School as they are either not designed for the classroom and young people or they are very N. American in not only their perspective but the examples used, etc.

Right now, the government of this country sees that Moral decline is a real issue with its young people and so are supportive of us having ethics or "character training" classes. While, as an International school, we cannot admit national students unless they have a foreign residency card, we still are having a voice into "returning Chinese" as well as students, who once they leave here, will return to home countries all over the world; possibly to become world leaders as they reach adulthood so there is huge potential for impact.

Do you or any of your people know of another curriculum that is designed for young people, that is of a high caliber (international schools are often some of the best in the world and so expectations are high) and would work in a classroom setting.

Or, do you know of anyone from among your associations or contacts that is coming to Beijing anytime in the near future that would be willing to spend little time with me to hear about the need to develop something for just this sort of situation. I beleive that if we had a curriculum that while being Judeo/Christian based, was still useable by those who might not at this point, know Jesus, there would perhaps be opportunity in the community here beyond even my classroom.

I know of an organization who teach on love and marriage from a Bibical foundation (but not blantently so) and they have recently be awarded such a status with the government that will allow they to not only openly teach this course but they can also translate their materials, books, videos, etc. into Mandarin and sell them.

Again, I think the potential for a Worldview curriculum like this that could be used here in this setting, is exponential.

In Him,
Becky McDonald
International Academy of Beijing
raising federal taxes
I have listened to Mr. Colson speak on two different days recently on Breakpoint about the recent urging by Rep. frank Wolf to raise taxes to help with the debt. As a man who spent 17 years after high school to be educated and trained and now working 12 to 14 hour days regularly for more than 30 years, with the current tax burden of federal, state, city and local income taxes, property and school taxes, sales, restaurant and motel and gasoline taxes, I give almost 60% of my yearly income to taxes. In other words, for every dollar I earn as a highly educated and trained and hard working professional I must give away sixty cents leaving me with only 40 cents for my family's needs. How much more do Mr. Colson and Mr. Wolf believe I should pay to give my fair share. At this rate it makes it difficult to pay tithes and offerings and still make a living with professional fees, a mortgage, child education and other normal living expenses. Let's get control of a government that wastes tremendous amounts of money every year, trim the budget to something sustainable and perhaps then we can look at a tax system that may make some sense. Please Mr. Colson, I am obedient to Biblical instruction to "render unto Ceasar" and to "be obedient to the powers that are place by God for our protection..." but really, give more money to be thrown away? Leave the tax debate to the politicians and and two handed economists and speak on the continuing secularization and destruction of America. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ I pray always for God's mercy on our country that continues to kill a more than a million unborn babies every year, condones gambling and other vices and then expects God's blessing. Your voice is appreciated and I will pray for your ministry. We have supported Prison Fellowship for many years and pray for continued success in reaching the lost.
Taking Care Of Our Elderly Parents
I have been TRULY Blessed with a wife whom has given up Her career to take care of My Father For the past 4 years.My father has dementia & is a diabetic he is as stubborn as one man could ever be he pushes Her buttons but she gives him respect and a whole lot of LOVE she is patient and never complains that we rarely get to go out for dinner alone. My wife sacrificed her life freedom to care for my Father and I am forever greatful.My wife has set a beautiful example to our 5 adult children and 15 grandchildren She gives of herself and ask for nothing in return I am TRULY BLESSED so to those whom cannot take of your parents I understand and to you who have a wife/husband that is assisting you in taking care of your parents APPRECIATE THEM and let them here these words from you I appreciate all that you do. To my wife Teresa A. Rojas I love you very much and APPRECIATE ALL you do for our children,grandchildren and especially for sacrificing your life, to care for my Father THANK YOU
Elderly parents
The example set by my parents when I was a child created the standard to which I strived as an adult. My paternal grandfather came to live with us when I was 10 after my grandmother died. My mother took excellent care of him until after 8 years, she was unable physically to further care for him.

As a result of their example, I chose to care for both of my parents in their old age in my home. Both had dementia and severe physical impairments. I can't begin to say how much joy this brought me. They came to live with me and my family about 17 years ago. My father died at 93 in 1998 and my mother at 98 in 2009-- both in my home. Blessedly, there were financial resources. And blessedly both my parents were loving and appreciative. In the middle of this, my husband died in 2000.

Taking care of my parents has been a true and major joy of my life.

I feel honored that God allowed me such an opportunity to care for them. I know this is not for everyone and not possible under all circumstances. I don't want to criticize anyone who can't do this, but just want to say that in my case, it was a wonderful experience.

I truly believe that if possible it is the role of the family to take care of our aged family members!
Apple Mobile App

Sorry if I'm off topic a bit. I just wanted to chime in about the Manhattan Declaration iPhone app that Apple pulled because of "complaints". First, I am a big fan of Apple and I think their products and services are second to none. But this, in my opinion, is outrageous. Why target good Christian apps and ignore apps that are TRUELY offensive. Despite what Job's has said and done about porn apps, there are still many that exist. I took the time to write them personally and express my disappointment. I hope others will do the same.
Changing Hearts and Minds
There will be no change of secular opinion in our nation until the church as a whole gets together and puts their money where their mouth is. If we put our time and money towards anti-abortion and pro-marriage commercials and education to the degree the opposition does, we could turn the tide of liberal thinking in this nation. Until the church is willing to do what it takes to make that happen, all this talk amongst ourselves is like spitting into the wind, and I have little hope for real change. Real change starts within the individual's heart and mind. We have to give people a reason to change.
Politically Homeless
On this topic, I feel so very small- i desire to be a part of a movement, pressing America's leaders to address moral decay, yet feel powerless at times. At other times, I embrace the power that is mine through my relationship with a Powerful God, and pray for genuine Holy Spirit led revival to shake the Church first- to return to Biblical faith, true discipleship, and fervency of desire for God Himself.
I know no other cause or movement that will help America return to morality.
There is no morality apart from faith in the Almighty Triune God. Sincere believers walking with God, unashamed to speak of Christ and earnestly praying for our nation is what I can help initiate in my own small community.
Politically Homeless
What if voting for the most moral candidate drains away votes for (in this case) the Republican, thus giving the edge to the business-as-usual Democrat?
Politically Homeless
I believe that conservatives must understand the Judeo-Christian foundations that built this country. Our founding fathers clearly understood that this nation must cling to the Bible as the blueprint of our republic. Once we as believers become unafraid to learn about and educate those in office about this nation's biblical heritage, perhaps they will be unafraid the voice these principles as well. However, we must know what we believe about the essentials of the Christian faith so we can articulate these to the broader culture. If we do not, how then can we be world changers for the L-rd.
Deafening Silence
It may seem simplistic, but I believe that one of (if not THE) biggest lacks in the Christian community is the lack of Bible knowledge. Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord need to read through the Bible time after time to get the whole of Scriptural Truth. The acronym RPTO spells out Read, Pray, Trust and Obey. God's Word is The Truth!
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