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Chuck Colson challenged listeners on Tuesday's Breakpoint broadcast to SPEAK OUT with your response to his message—right here. Add your comment below, and let us know what you think. If you have not heard the challenge yet, click below to listen or read. (Please sign in or register to comment).
Note: Chuck has had time to read most of the comments and has prepared some responses which are available here.

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mid-term elections
I voted absentee. I can't remember the last time that I split my vote, but I did this time and will continue to do so. I've never been a fan of the Democrats and I've lost faith in the Republican party. When in the past Republicans had majority control especially in Congress, they failed to really make a moral difference in our culture.
If any politician really believes in the core moral values that are sorely needed in government and our society, they should jump ship and join forces with those who do support and promote Biblically based values and mores.
I pray that this mid-term election will be the beginning of a genuine moral revival in our country.
Being gay is a choice, not a race unto themselves
When the ACLU and other gay rights groups tried to pass an ordinance in Flagstaff, where my family and I have lived for almost 5 years since moving from Michigan, I was involved in the online discussions leading up to the open public forums,(3). I spoke for the 3 minutes allotted me. I grew up the youngest of 6 boys. 2 of my older brothers where gay and subsequently died of aids. My point? The APA said in the early 1990s that people are born gay. Now in 2008 they admit that clinical studies have not been able to prove their theory. Thus, they are not a race separate to themselves, being gay is not anything more than a choice. Furthermore, the APA has no resources for sexual addiction , though they have resources for almost any other kind of addiction. Why? I think its obvious that they don't want to admit they gave a whole generation of parents bad advice for addressing their children's sexual issues, and then admit they where wrong. Now our society as a whole seems to have accepted this fallicy without ever having had a debate. As I said, even the APA admits that science cannot prove people are born gay. It is a choice. But not race. Choices aside, gays are the same as you and I. (“Answers to Your Questions”. at APA.com, March 2008).

Organizations that do treat those who wish to be free from the gay life style report a success rate on par with other addiction success rates, around 35%. (Exodus International, NARTH).
gay "marriage"
Not only is "gay marriage" an oxymoron, but "homosexual marriage" is also impossible. Marriage is a sexual relationship. Sex is defined as male & female whether in the Bible or a biology text. Therefore, gay unions must be homo-asexual unions.
Illegal Immigration
The Biblical reference to strangers and sojourners did not, I think, apply to groups that intentionally deplete the resources of citizens via excessive taxes to cover their medical, schooling and other services. It did not apply, I think, to groups whose stated purpose is to retain their own culture and language, while elimiating the host culture in the states they intend to 'occupy'. It did not, I think, apply to terrorist groups that walk across our borders to plant bombs. Love is so freely given to the strangers and sojourners and so litte given to the citizens who cannot provide health care and schooling for their children because of taxation, closed hospitals, downgraded educational systems, resurgence of long-conquered diseases and lack of jobs (and yes, Virginia, citizens are willing to take those jobs!!!) With strict law enforcement and verifcation of employment, as we see in Arizona, illegals will return home. Perhaps, love is shown best by encouraging our border neighbor to improve the LOVE it gives to its citizens. If national soverignty is anti-Christian, then, so be it. But, I don't for one minute believe that God gave us this great land to see us destroy it in the name of love for strangers and sojourners.
Thomas was holding back. Even though he wanted to believe Christ had been resurrected, he just wasn't ready to commit, to believe without clear proof--despite all that he'd seen Christ do up to that point. As the church comes under attack, we as believers need to ask ourselves if we trust fully in Christ's promises or if we're holding back. Our silence plays into the enemy's hand. Our religious freedoms are under attack like at no other time in modern history. "For if God is for us, who can be against us?" Stepping out in faith is always a stretch. But stretching is exactly what God does with those he loves, i.e. those who seek to obey him. It's how he impresses his word on our hearts. It's how he strengthens our faith. It's how he equips us for good works. Rev 3:16-"So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth." Don't hold back.
State trying to become God
To Terry L Brown:

Your comment about the state trying to replace God is so correct. Focus on the Family's "The Truth Project" speaks about this issue. People relying on the government, rather than God (and working themselves) to meet their needs.
The Truth Project speaks of all of the issues we are dealing with today. Note Lesson 9 - The State: Whose Law?



Lesson 1 - Veritology: What is Truth?

The Truth Project begins by defining truth as "that which corresponds to reality." This absolute and eternal truth, at the heart of Jesus' mission on earth, continues to be the focal point of the Cosmic Battle in our own time. Back to top

Lesson 2 - Philosophy and Ethics: Says Who?

Truth is not simply an academic concept. The way we think about truth has a direct bearing upon the way we live our lives. What's more, our understanding of right and wrong is directly dependent on our worldview: is the universe God's creation or a closed cosmic cube? Back to top

Lesson 3 - Anthropology: Who is Man?

The Bible tells us that man was created in God's image but fell from innocence through sin. Modern psychology, on the other hand, asserts that man is inherently good and behaves badly only under the influence of social or institutional pressure. This lesson explores the implications of both views. Back to top

Lesson 4 - Theology: Who is God?

Eternal life, according to Jesus, is knowing God in an intimate, personal, and relational way. Such knowledge, which is possible only because of divine revelation, transforms us from the inside out as we begin to see ourselves in the light of His majesty and holiness. Back to top

Lesson 5 - Science: What is True?

Science, the "systematic study of the natural world," brings to light innumerable evidences of Intelligent Design. But Darwinian theory transforms science from the honest investigation of nature into a vehicle for propagating a godless philosophy. (Part One)

A careful examination of molecular biology and the fossil record demonstrates that evolution is not a "proven fact." Meanwhile, history shows that ideas, including Darwinism as a social philosophy, have definite consequences – consequences that can turn ugly when God is left out of the picture. (Part Two) Back to top

Lesson 6 - History: Whose Story?

Does the past have an objective actuality and significance? Or does it, as postmodernist philosophy asserts, exist primarily inside our heads? This tour considers the meaning of history as God’s story and shows us why remembering is so important. Back to top

Lesson 7 - Sociology: The Divine Imprint

The order we observe in the natural realm is even more apparent in the social systems God has established: family, church, community, state, labor, and the union between God and man. Life is a series of relationships that flow out of and reflect the Trinitarian nature of the Creator. Back to top

Lesson 8 - Unio Mystica: Am I Alone?

Is it possible for the infinite, eternal Creator to dwell within the heart of an individual? The implications of this great mystery, which represents the very core of the Christian faith, are explored at length in this examination of the most intimate of the social spheres. Back to top

Lesson 9 - The State: Whose Law?

Of all the social spheres, the state, to which God grants the power of the sword for the punishment of evil and the preservation of the good, has the greatest potential to go awry if it oversteps its authority. The civil magistrate must always remember his place under the sovereignty of God – otherwise, havoc will ensue. Back to top

Lesson 10 - The American Experiment: Stepping Stones

America is unique in the history of the world. On these shores a people holding to a biblical worldview have had an opportunity to set up a system of government designed to keep the state within its divinely ordained boundaries. Tour #10 follows the history of this experiment and explores what happens to freedom when God is forgotten. Back to top

Lesson 11 - Labor: Created to Create

Contrary to a great deal of contemporary popular opinion, work is not a "curse." God Himself is active and creative, and He calls man to share in the joy of His activity and creativity. Labor, economics, media, and the creative arts all have a role to play in magnifying the glory of the Creator. Back to top

Lesson 12 - Community and Involvement: God Cares, do I?

The ethical law and the meaning of the Christian life are summed up in the commandment to love God and one's neighbor. This command is the source of the believer's motivation for self-sacrificial service to the needy and their personal involvement in our culture. Back to top

The Truth Project: Events: The Truth Project Lessons Twitter FacebookMySpaceDeliciousDiggStumble UponGoogleYahoo

-The lies we (esp. our children in government schools) are told by the media, academia, government....

Freedom of Worship/Religion
I really would like to hear/read the actual response of Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration to this distinction before I buy too much into the conspiracy theory that Mr. Colson appears to be advocating.

Not everyone uses religious language in the precise same way...for example, I commonly find many people use the term "religions" to denote Christian denominations. For those who use the word in this way, to change churches is to change "religions." When I use the word "religions" I mean world religions.

On the basis of what I read from this two minute warning, I do not find enough evidence to justify any conscious attempt by the Obama administration to limit religious freedom.

I accept the broad distinction made between the two concepts (freedom of religion and freedom of worship) but until further evidence appears, I think it is quite possible that the Obama administration has made an error due to ignorance or oversight. If so, I would expect to see a correction in future discussion coming from the Obama administration. Mike Moyer
Here is a solution to this nation's problem
Your Two Minute Warning speaks well of the need for every church in the United States to be teaching a Getting To Know Jesus Bible study group. We must get Christians so connected to Jesus Christ that they will strengthen their marriages, families, communities and elect Christians into government.

We are not going to turn our nation back to Christ in one sermon or a thirteen week series. We must get serious, indoctrinate ourselves with every teaching and event in Jesus' life so the Holy Spirit can empower us to take this nation back as One Nation Under God.

I would very much like to talk with you, one on one about how we can get Getting To Know Jesus Bible study groups in more churches. You can find my contact info at www.gettingtoknowjesus.org. Let's talk.

God bless you in the work you are doing.
The distinction between freedom of worship and freedom of religion is dulled by its lack of application. The only way to maintain a freedom is to exercise it publicly and winsomely. Chuck has clearly articulated and graciously held up the light that can dispel the darkness of our culture and drowsy Christianity. For nearly two decades, I have been grateful to reprint his well-received commentaries weekly for the congregation. Thank the Lord there are watchmen who sound the alert!
Freedom of Worship
Thank you,Chuck, for warning us that we need to speak out in any way we can. To be vigilant but also warn others to guard our privilege and rights as US citizens.
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