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In both this week's Two Minute Warning video, Politically Homeless, and in the October 27 Breakpoint radio transcript, Deafening Silence, Chuck Colson admonishes Christians to step up and speak out strongly on moral issues. This is especially important on the eve of an historic election. We are in an environment where neither major political party has given these issues much attention.

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Train Wreck
You are so right as to our debt and the folly of high speed rail drain. I however take exception to calling Amtrak a drain as other modes are being subsidized. Suggest reading "Yes to Railroads" by the late William F. Buckley on National Review on Line. Amtrak only exists due to the government building the Interstates and setting up the commercial aviation industry which killed the privately
run passenger trains operated by the railroads.
I do agree with anyone who states that God hates abortion. We live in a society that is insecure in a lot of ways, I am a woman who has made certain immoral decisions in my life. I can actually say that in some situations and circumstances compassion for anyone and everyone is the key to a lot of societies problems. I believe in a God of grace and mercy for all mankind as long as you are honest with him. Forgiveness is what is needed in our society of insecure people who at times do not have a right relationship with the father in times of great need. everyone has been spiritually dead at times in different subjects in personal ways. I happen to serve a loving God who loves me for who I am and forgives me for what I have done as long as I have taken a lesson and learned from it and can teach others the same lessons in which I have learned. I do not think that God holds any grudges against anyone. There are a lot of things that are considered wrong in God's eyes but we should not judge other people by our own moral yardstick but see people as God would see them with love and compassion and hope that they turn from whatever is hurting them and that life would somehow make them a better person. I think I serve a God of unconditonal love and acceptance. I think that is the story of the Bible.

I agree with your November 17, 2010 commentary on Breakpoint and Two Minute Warning in The Colson Center.

I agree that the Church (and this especially applies to myself) has become the church in Laodicea.

Also, I would like to reiterate your previous commentary about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in Daniel 3. They told Nebuchadnezzar that "the God we serve is able to deliver us." "But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

When we repent and obey God in all aspects of our life, we will be salt and light and influence our neighbors, culture, government, family, co-workers and friends. Also, regardless of the results, (as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego acknowledge) we are called to obedience. That should be our main focus. Everything else is secondary.

Thank you Chuck for this call to repentance, which must begin with myself and the church (not the nation and non-believers).
City of Man by Gerson & Wehner
Amidst my Centurions reading, I picked up a small book called City of Man by Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner. Both men are political conservatives who worked in the heart of Washington DC.

The book's subtitle is "Religion and Politics in a New Era." The book lays out several subjects including the relationship between religion and politics, the history of Christians involved in politics for the past few decades, the need for a new approach, the roles of government and the necessary character attributes of those Christians who reside as public servants.

Although, the book doesn't describe a specific "new" political party it does describe the need for change as the Democratic Party isn't particularly keen on winning over evangelicals and Christians who have leaned toward the Republican party desire more than to be part of the political machine and "symbolic gestures - are not enough."

The book further discusses how political affairs cannot be considered without religion and ultimately Christian truths. Specifically and foundationally in the realm of human rights. It cites the Christian view of humanity - being made in the image of God - the only worldview which provides humanity dignity and worth and gives meaning to our service for the poor and our fight for injustice.

The book finally provides a guide for the roles of government: order, justice, virtue & prosperity... And lays the foundation of character for those involved with politics at any level. (And the importance of being involved!! Especially as Christians)

Short 137 page book.
deafening silence
I don't understand where our pastors and lay leaders of our churches are coming from when they are silent on the pressing social/moral issues of our day. I live in the Bible belt of the Midwest and I get a very strong sense from the pastors of my growing church that they are afraid to offend newcomers to the church and even "oldcomers" so they don't even mention issues such as abortion or traditional biblical marriage. It almost seems they are more concerned about the offering plate and the church programs than they are about the sin of people's souls and the sin that we as a church in America are daily contributing to by being a part of the rampage of divorce and slut that is happening in our own homes. Are these pastors afraid of persecution or do they think we should just ignore what is happening in the world around us and just let the persecution come? Perseuction is going to come either way, but I for one want to be on the side of standing up for what is right in the face of persecution and not backing down out of political correctness or being afraid to offend. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is offensive and we must speak this truth in love. The church is more focused on the love than the truth and we cannot have one w/out the other.
Sign Me Up
I chose to leave the Republican party out here in California about 2 years ago, and ended up voting for the AIP candidate for governor because she best fit my views on the issues as an evangelical. If a viable Evangelical Conservative (or whatever it would be called) were to be formed, I would join in a heartbeat, and... even financially contribute. I know it probably wouldn't do well out here in the People's Republic of California, but I'd rather be marginalized with a home than marginalized and homeless!!!
The Servant Party
As Christians, it is our call to represent Christ to our culture and to serve others any way we can. We must do this in His name. Our rationale, as you’re suggesting, can’t be that it’s for the good of the economy or other factors; it must be because of our eternal and undying love for Him.

For a year I’ve been thinking through what a party that does all this would look like. My suggestion is that we create something called the “servant” party because our ambition would be to throw aside all glory and wash others’ feet for Him. Where others would really court voters' favor like demagogues, we would serve them by serving our Father in heaven and being faithful to His standards and values.

Jesus’s concern was for the poor (among many other things), so we would be just as concerned for the poor. Conservatives recommend the free market as being good for the poor, but often the recommendation is only a cover for apathy, which the rest of the nation can sense. Liberals are (often) genuinely concerned for the poor, but their worldview (regarding sin nature and human nature generally) leaves them unable to enact any solid improvements for the poor, for the most part. I think a Christian party would first of all engineer the free market so that it functions like a finely tuned Swiss watch, but it would also work with churches and nonprofits to make sure the poor are cared for. There will always be poor people as long as we humans have the power of ruining our lives, but we need to be there for the children of the poor and for the repentant poor – not because they’re entitled to it (because the only thing we’re entitled to is hell) but because we want to express God’s love for them.

On the other hand, we wouldn't have a Marxist attitude toward the rich. There is nothing more rampant than the jealousy caused by the popular culture's drawing attention (negatively) to differences in income levels. The answer is certainly not to end differences in income (a hateful idea to me), but to vocally fight the envy. I would like to institute a flat tax that would tax the middle class and upper class equally. It's not fair for the middle class to create laws that institute higher taxes for the rich than for itself; this is essentially robbery to me.

This potential party would be fundamentally different from the others. We wouldn’t be conservatives because our values don’t spring from the desire to preserve tradition, but from eternal values that transcend culture and its traditions. We would be explicit about this. I know this will shake lots of folks up, but imagine someone in China with our political priorities. It would be weird for them to call themselves conservatives because Christian values have little to do with traditional Chinese political values, and where they coincide, this is merely incidental. Similarly, we certainly draw inspiration from our past (with the founding fathers, etc.) but we don’t base our values on the past, but on Christ – who is really more of a revolutionary figure demanding complete lordship. Many conservatives, due to their cultural roots, believe in both small government and the importance of keeping minorities out of power. Thus, they coincidentally believe in small government as we would, yet hold a traditional value that we repudiate. They are the true conservatives, while (hopefully) we are true to our Lord. Does this make sense?

On the other hand, we wouldn’t be a liberal party, basing our actions on the belief that humans are essentially good and that big government can perfect society. These beliefs spring from their founding their values on the emerging secular worldview we all deal with. (I would say more, but on this website I'm sure you know where I'm coming from in this regard.)

Rather than cringing every time government acts, as conservatives often do (though not always, I know), we would want government to be lean yet incredibly innovative, taxing people for intelligent things without taxing them so much that it drags down the economy. Similarly, we would obviously impose rules so that the free market could function while not stifling entrepreneurial endeavors with excessive red tape.

To build our "brand," I think we should run our political party like Britain runs its parties. There, parties require their members in parliament to vote certain ways on key issues. (For us, think of right-to-life issues.) For others, representatives use their own discretion. If someone claims to be representing our party, we would actually eject them from our party if they vote for abortion or the like. With such measures in place, the people would know what they’re getting when they pick a candidate in our party. (Incidentally, in Britain there is no supreme court that can overrule congress – although I’m not implying that everything about the British system is ideal!)

Incidentally, I think this plan would draw supporters from both the Democratic and Republican parties. However, my primary motivation for doing this is to be able to represent Christ to the world through my vote more accurately than at present, with so few candidates representing the eternal standards that we champion. May God lead and guide us as we press on in His name!
Political Homeless
Yes, we are political homeless, but why? Many Christians feel that believers should not be involved in politics. Perhaps, however, many Christians do not want to be involved in missions, their own church or evangelism either. Christians should be involved in politics, if for no other reason, to demand accountability, honesty and elect leaders who certifies a strong implication of complete trust in a divine God.
I am a hard working American mother trying my best in this society to live by Godly Christian principles. I rarely ever watch television or listen to the radio. I work long hours, read when I can, take care of people who need my help, and take care of my family. Three of my four sons are grown men with the youngest being a freshman in a university. I have many grandchildren, all being female with the exception of one.

Beginning in mid-December 2007, I sought the will of God through prayer and fasting. On January 16, 2008, I had a dream where I believe God showed me His heart concerning children. Since that time, I have become an advocate for innocent life by sharing this information whenever possible.

Here is my story:

“On January 16, 2008, I had a dream and was shown a vision of a Jewish girl, preceded by an awareness of the deception of women. At that moment, the name “Emily” was revealed to me. Next, a new vision appeared and I was floating down a channel of water with others and that channel was emptying into a large body of water. A baby floated over onto my legs and I said aloud, “This baby’s back is burning!” A woman turned to look at me & then turned away uncaring. I thought, “I’ll just go and take care of the baby”. That scene ended and when the next scene opened I was taking care of a different baby. Then I heard a boys voice saying, “No. Don’t touch me.”

As I discussed these visions with others, I was told that when a partial birth abortion is performed, the abortionists cut the babies back open and remove its internal organs while it is still alive, in order to do embryonic stem cell research. I went to a crisis pregnancy center to ask if this was true and their reply was, “Yes”. With further research, I found a verse of Scripture that states in Genesis 9: 6 (KJV), “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.”

After the visions, I prayed for a day or two, continually asking God, “Who’s Emily?” and this is the information that was revealed to me: “I thought to Google search for information concerning the viewpoints on abortion of those who were running for government offices in the 2008 elections. Right there, on the second listing read, “Who’s Emily?”

Through this research, I learned that “Emily” is an acronym for “Early Money Is Like Yeast” and that “Emily’s List” has a three-prong strategy concerning governmental elections:

1. To nominate those that have a pro-choice agenda
2. To help them run a successful campaign
3. To recruit the voters to help those nominees get into office

In July of 2007, I called a friend to see if her daughter could go with my son and me to "The Call" of Nashville. Her daughter wanted her to tell me of a dream that she had had. She dreamt that she was standing in front of a "big white house”, there were women that were very angry, and they were screaming. Someone had put tape over her mouth & she was bound up.

...the rest of the story:

The Call of Nashville was held on 07/07/07 at LP Field where the Tennessee Titans play football. There were 100,000 people there praying and fasting to God concerning abortion. Their group (called “IHOP” standing for "International House of Prayer") has a building facing the Supreme Court & prayer goes up 24/7. At Nashville we prayed, praised, and worshiped God, and repented for things this nation has done, including an abortionist who was very remorseful for what she had done. We took communion (100,000 people at once) and then they gave us tape to put over our mouths with the word LIFE written on it. It is called "The Silent Siege", where we silently cry out to God to end abortion, while the opposition cries out for abortion. I have a picture of that little girl that had had the dream with red tape over her mouth that reads "LIFE". Praise God!

I personally feel that if I vote for anyone whose viewpoints differ from God’s Word, than I will be a partaker in, not only loosing the blessings of God that this nation has always been endued with, but also partaking in the fall of a mighty nation to the hands of our enemy. I believe that we should vote for men & women, whose viewpoints are in line with God’s Word, rather than our own selfish agenda’s, and in the end we will be blessed. I truly believe that this nation can be as strong as it ever was if we put God’s agenda first!

This is a link to a video that is horrifying to me and shows great selfishness, not only in my eyes, but I believe in God’s eyes as well: http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2010/08/17/emilys-list-targets-sarah-palins-mama-grizzlies/

This video gives me hope for our children's future! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X67qgNtZPdQ

Political Impotence
As a Right to Life Catholic, I agree entirely with the sentiment but depart far from the conclusion. Your advice, if followed, abandons reality, leaves the political arena to the enemy, creates a block of voters who can only be identified as "independent" (a status signifying nothing to anyone and manipulated to the advantage of the most shrewd) and deprives the movement of potency. I observe to my shame and horror that the Catholic vote went to the anti life occupant of the office, and when I ask how can that be it becomes clear that even in the most vocally pro life religious environment the human heart is not yet there. To act as if it is is to take off the armor before the battle has begun.

Does the fact that Life Issues are not being addressed openly indicate that they are not factors in this election? I think not. Does that disadvantage moral issues? No. You cannot oppose what is not exposed. Has the direct confrontation of life issues in any previous election secured anything for the cause? I think not. In fact, I would argue that elections made to become referenda on life in the present climate merely produce a dug in opposition and a weak "independent" vote that desires to offend no one.

Elect who you will, we are governed nationally by a two party system. Votes in Congress are cast by party, under the leadership of one of two parties with entrenched and fast rules that enforce the structure. Vote as you will, in a national election you are either Republican or Democrat. Nor have we progressed to near the division over this issue that marked antebellum division surrounding the issue of slavery and produced the Republican Party. I am all in for the reformation of the Republican Party, but I will not vote as a friend to the enemy in opposition to the imperfect.

What we now have is a party of death, whose platform declares it so, and the Republican Party whose platform defends the principles of life. I have been told time and again by Catholics in various fora that platforms mean nothing. I respond platforms mean nothing only to the extent the will is weaker than the words. If we deprive the Republican Party of all political advantage, all reward, in an open declaration of the defense of human life, on what basis could we expect even the words to appear any longer under its banner much less the will? And if the last of the two political parties abandons life, we can all sit in the corner with our strongly held beliefs and watch the world go on its way. This may be satisfying to some, but it is a smug and sterile satisfaction.

I am pulling the lever straight Republican ticket unless I can identify on my ballot a Republican who has verbally declared himself for death. I will continue to do so until the party removes the pro life ethic from its platform. When that happens, we can talk.
Politically Homeless
I agree with Chuck Colson about speaking out on the political and social issues of the day. Christians cannot shy away from speaking out on what we believe in.

However, I feel the main problem in America is the church is not living as the church should. When American Christians truly follow Christ (evangelize, fellowship together, proper stewardship of the earthy goods God has loaned us, faithful in our marriages, provide proper examples to our children and youths in our church, feed the poor, visit those in prison, etc.), the world will want to know why we do what we do. It will allow us (Christians) the opportunity to convince them of the sanctity of marriage, evils of abortion, sanctity of life, fiscal responsibility, stewardship of the world that God has given us, ethical business practice and ultimately that Jesus is the Son of God.

Unfortunately, most people in the secular world feel Christians are no different than the rest of the world. Christians are as selfish as anyone else. The world does not see Christians living sacrificially and putting their neighbor’s interest ahead of their own. I hear the divorce rate is as high among “professed” Christians as the secular world (I don’t know if this is true). Most Christians are as materialistic as the secular world (with our flat screen TVs, iPhones, vacation homes, expensive cars, numerous vacations, etc.).

I believe the church must have a two prong attack to the issues of the day. Yes, we must speak out on the issues of the day (abortion, marriage, embryonic research, fiscal responsibility, health care reform, etc.). The other attack is to repent of our sins and live out the Christian life as the Bible instructs us. If we truly follow Christ’s and the Apostles’ examples (as laid out in the New Testament), our neighbors, friends and co-workers will ask us why we do what we do and why we believe in what we believe. This will allow us to change the hearts and minds of our friends, neighbors, co-workers and country. Legislation and political victories will not change the hearts and minds of the country.

Also, I believe the church is falling short on discipleship and Christian education. I often encounter “professed” Christians that are pro-abortion, pro gay-marriage, pro embryonic research, pro welfare state, believe in evolution, etc. Unfortunately, many in the church have the same world view as the secular world.

I summary, I believe the Church need to go back to the basics (evangelizing, discipleship, fellowship, promoting truth and justice). We need to look to the new Testament Church and the American Church in late 1800s early 1900s (before the nanny state and when many of the American charities like Salvation Army, Pacific Garden Missions, Moody Bible Institute where founded) as examples to follow. American Christians need to change our priorities from pursuing the American dream of financial security. We (I) need to repent and put God first.

Personally, I believe in minimalism (but that is not for everyone). The less we spend on ourselves, the more we could contribute to the needs of the church and others. We don’t need to keep up with the Joneses. Local churches should try to determine how the church (and its members) could meet the needs of the neighborhood (i.e. after school programs, tutoring, prison outreach, crisis pregnancy centers, job skill training, youth groups, etc.). By providing the needs of the community, our community will ask why we do what we do (opportunity to preach the Gospel) and more likely to listen to our political and social views.

By the way, I would like to enocurage Chuck Colson and Prison Fellowship to continue to do what they are doing. I believe they are examples of what Christians need to do (provide for physical and spiritual needs and speaking out on the issues of the day). I believe we are call by God to be faithful and do the right thing. I leave the results in God's hands.
Here in California, I cast a "protest" vote for Governor.
Politically Homeless in MA
Chuck, Thanks for all your work w/Prison Ministries and Breakpoint that helps to keep us infomed. I have done some research for the election w/Focus On the Family Citizen Link and have been disappointed to find that virtually every candidate(including so-called conservatives) are missing the boat on one or more important issue. I have to weigh the info very carefully for there does not seem to be a candidate who represents my worldview. BTW, these are on the important issues like the definition of Marriage(not one governatorial candidate supports the Biblical definition). I still will cast my ballot as is my responsibility but I really feel it is the lesser of evils(again)!!!
It's our fault. We are only homeless because we do
Christian Evangelicals, Catholics to a lesser degree, and those who call themselves conservatives are only politically homeless because we refuse to move in to the "homes" that the Founding Fathers system has provided for us. I will use my state of Arizona as an example but your state works almost exactly the same way. We have 30 districts in our state. Each district sends one state senator and two state representatives to our state capital for state governance. In each district are a number of precincts. These amount to neighborhoods.(some states call them by other names)The two parties (that we claim don't care about us) have open every election a number of precinct committeemen posts for each precinct. This is based on population and can be 5 to 45 or so. To be elected as a precinct committeeman you need to get on the ballot by gaining signatures from your neighbors- usually about 10-15 signatures! Each district holds regular (monthly) meetings and has from its elected committeemen officers such as chairman, vice chair etc. At their meetings elected officials come and report what is going on at their offices and those who would like to run for office come seeking support. P.C.'s (committeemen) are the people who gain the signatures to get the candidates on the ballots. From the committeemen comes the officers that meet at county wide and state meetings to decide platforms for the parties. From the elected PC's come those who are selected to go to the national convention and decide on party platform. Frequently when there is an open seat it is from that committeemen that someone is chosen to fill an open seat or run for office.
The parties haven't shut us out with no home they invite us in to take over each and every election but we stay home wringing our hands and crying to our friends -blog about it- for a moment - and then go see what's on TV.
Let me make this clear: the fault is entirely ours.
"We don't have because we don't ask." God has given us, through our Founding Fathers, the ability to obey His command to be salt and light, to lead a people with no shepherd, to not fall under Paul's condemnation in his letter to Corinth "is there not one among you wise enough?"
If you did not know how the system works, then maybe we have just been ignorant. But if you did, like I do; then it must be that we are too selfish, lazy, and cowardly to do what God has clearly called us to do. And those that suffer under the tyranny that we have let develop: the 1.5 million killed each year in the womb, the prostitution, licentiousness, racism and class warfare, and all that Godless socialism brings rests on our heads.
Politically Homeless
I agree with you Chuck, that the two party system and the parties themselves have lost touch with the core values of the people. I feel homeless politically, neither party has views that completely align with mine. I am for serving Jesus Christ first and foremost and HIS truth in all my decisions. I believed in the extraordinary value of all humnan life, being the steward of God's creation, living by HIS laws. I am for honest and ethical labor and business and for working and partnering together for the the glory and honor of God and loving my brother. I think we are long over due in this country for a different political party that is founded on the Truth as laid out by God and His foundations that He laid in our Judeo-Christian roots. The Christian community can with allowing God to lead us change this great nation's course to follow God's plan, but it starts in our hearts and tightening our relationship with God, then putting God first in our marriages and our families, then in turn leading our communities through changing our attitudes and views of what the local body (Church) is suppose to be and do. Finally, changing our nation through this grass roots awakening or revival in believing and serving God individually, in our families, our local body (Church) renewal movement. We need prophets, leaders, and workers to be used by God to further HIS plan. The harvest is great, the time is now, and the workers are few. I am in. May God continue using and blessing you and your ministry.

May God continue to shine his face on you,

Pastor Tim Earle
First Baptist Church
Mason City, IL
Deafening Silence
Dear Chuck,

Thank you for your unwavering position on absolute biblical truth to which this world system stands absolutely opposed. Our Lord and Savior has called us to be salt and light in this dark and fallen place and I appreciate your firm stance in obedience to Him.

Although founded on Christian principles, The United States is not a Christian nation, but a capitalist society that worships money and power. It really cannot be any other way. Unrepentant man is enslaved to sin and the situation we are in today has changed very little over the millennia. The Church can preserve the truth, and is commissioned to proclaim the truth of the Gospel to all the world, but we cannot expect to bring about a permanent social reformation until the Lord himself returns and sin is purged from creation.

Although I desire peace for myself and my family, the best for this nation may be for God to remove the idols of money and power. I leave that up to His infinite wisdom, mercy, justice, and grace.

In the meantime, we should be ready to speak the truth in love at every opportunity that our Lord presents which is our true Christian duty.
politically homeless
Thank you for this article and all of the work you do to promote morality in our country. Earlier this year I answered a phone call from someone doing a survey concerning political issues of the day. They asked what I thought was the most important issue facing our nation today. At the end of a long list of issues was the issue of morality, which is what I heartily chose. The interviewer then told me that after hundreds of interviews, I was the first person to make that choice. The people of our nation need to be educated as to what is really going in our nation now, from a Biblical and historical perspective. Attack ads and political signs don't tell the real story.

As Christians, we need to be devoted to Christ, not any political party. Although it is necessary to find a way to come together collectively to effect the politics in our nation on Christ's behalf, it is about time that we realize that our hope is not in a political party, but Christ.
Totalitarianistic Theocrat
chuck_speakout_182_250Chuck Colson's Response to below: Added 11/4/10:
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To Jason Johnson (October 28, 2010 8:30 AM)

I understand the point you make that Christ is Lord over your life in every respect. This is true. But I would urge you not to use the totalitarianistic theocrat term. Christ is Lord of my life in every respect, but I do not believe in a church state. That’s what radical Islamists believe in; not Christians. We recognize as believers that we are aliens traveling through this country that we live in. Our first loyalty is to the kingdom of God. But then, as Calvin taught us, we recognize the authority of the magistrate to govern us. We are to respect them, pray for them, and when we have a chance to vote, do as Jethro advised Moses, choose people who are Godly and capable. You’re right, we have no allegiance to any party. Thanks for your posting.

Chuck Colson

Whenever I'm asked whether I'm a democrat, republican or in the middle I say none of the above! I'm a Totalitarianistic Theocrat. All believers know that Jesus have supreme authority over their lives...we gave that to Him at our salvation. This truth guides our EVERY decision. If a conservative republican is running against a proven Christian there's no doubt in my mind who I'm going to vote for. I know this scenario is unlikely, but I say this to demonstrate that we have no allegiance to any party but that of the one who will certainly rule the entire earth as an unhindered dictator. We long for those days knowing that they are by necessity far off, but that doesn't change who were align ourselves with today.
Politically Homeless
I'm not at all politically savvy, so I hesitate to make a comment. However, as I pray about the elections and our government, I have been getting a very strong feeling that we are at a breaking point. If both political parties continue in the arrogance and spiritual rebellion, I do believe the field is opening up for another political party to be born. Because of the intense prayer happening in our country, I think it will be a viable party. It may find its seeds in the Tea Party movement. I'm realistic enough about the human condition to realize that eventually it would deteriorate into the same as the current parties, but not before it has a profound impact on our society. I do not think that a new party would be without growing pains and difficulties. However, I think if God is the One to raise up the founders and grant them keen wisdom and discernment, that this new party would shake up the way things are currently running. If nothing else, it may make the current parties take another look at the direction they are headed. Usually anything with the strategies and inner workings of politics leaves me confused. But this thought and inner sense has been so clear lately, I wonder if it is from God. In the meantime, I continue to pray that God would use whatever methods He chooses to rescue our nation from its current destructive path.
voting the issues: Abortion
chuck_speakout_182_250Chuck Colson's Response to below: Added 11/4/10:
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Usually 3-10 days after the comments are opened.

To Canarde Mineo (October 28, 2010 12:01 AM)

Thanks for your insightful comment about abortion’s effect on our population. You’re absolutely right, we’ve wiped out 30 to 40 million people which is why we’ve had so much immigration. And we’re already witnessing the beginning of a demographic decline, not producing enough babies to replace those who have died. This is particularly insidious in the African-American community, which as one expert has suggested is also in demographic decline because of abortion.

Thanks for your posting.

Chuck Colson

Thank you for standing up for God and America.
I'd like to briefly address an issue of importance to all of us, one that, as you said, is not being discussed during this election cycle and it is abortion.
God despises abortion therefore I'm not surprised that those running for office are running from the issue of abortion.
Abortion has not only stolen over thirty million of our countrymen, it has stolen a particular group of people that are promised God's blessings: the first born child. Throughout the Bible you see examples of first born children succeeding in ways that bless themselves and others. The blessing of the first born is so important that Jacob took great pains to steal Esau's blessing to the point of his telling boldfaced lies to his dying father. If you look around yourself, as I have, you may begin to notice that many people who are successful and lead blessed lives are first born children.
The importance of first born children to the overall welfare of a nation must not be overlooked.
They are a special group of people to our Father and their loss has impacted our country immeasurably.
Wholesale abortion must be stopped so that all children's lives may be saved, our national conscience may be restored and God's blessings upon all future first born children may trickle down to all.
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