Speak Out with Chuck - Sep 24 Simulcast
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Did you participate in the September 24 Doing the Right Thing simulcast? On this page, you can tell us your reactions, what you discovered, and how your church, business, school, family or small group plan to take this movement to the next level! Just join the conversation below by leaving your comments, and share your thoughts about this simulcast and how Doing the Right Thing is changing your community.

Missed the September 24 simulcast? No problem. You can also purchase a DVD of the entire event at DoingtheRightThingEvent.com, or by clicking the link below. You can also purchase the Doing the Right Thing series by visiting the Colson Center store, or clicking the product image below.



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Doing the right thing
This bought back hope! I was fired because I was a whistle blower. I was an auditor for for a Bank. I have PTSD. I am hoping to find healing and a new direction for my life within DTRT!
Merci from Quebec
Two Anglophones and two francophones shared the event in my living room.
We are looming forward to studying the DTRT DVD series and finding the culturally appropriate venue for acting on what we are learning.
Thanks to Chuck and the excellent panel for a stimulating discussion!
DTRT & 9/24 Webcast
The DTRT course is a most powerful argument for a renewal of ethics in business, government and privtate life. Having co-facilitated the course prior to the Webcast I was particularly energized by the 9/24 panel & presentations. Can't wait to facilitate DTRT again this Fall in our church.
Wow!! What an amazing program with such talented and entertaining speakers. Each one was impressive, knowledgeable and kept our attention with such important truths about our culture today. We held the webcast in our home with about 8 people in our group. I only wish we had more people who had watched it with us - we did order the DVD - so we will be sharing it again. Thank you for putting this information our there and for keeping the fire stoked. I believe with God's plan and vision this message will be heard and change the lives of Americans who so desperately need hope and something to believe in a world that doesn't even know how to determine right and wrong anymore. God bless you all and keep it coming!
strategic and powerful
Yes, I participated out of my home and was once again encouraged and inspired. Sometimes I feel as if I am alone in this battle for truth in our culture and specifically in my Bible belt community that so easily takes our comfortable life and church for granted. If there is anything this series is teaching me is that we do live in a morally depraved world and unless we engage ourselves in the battle for truth the moral depravity will continue. Thank you for this series and please keep up your excellent work to promote this and get it out to the public. We need this kind of material out here in America.
Powerful Webcast
Thanks so much to you & panel members who presented a different venue to review the powerful subjects from video series. Our group of 32 at Central Pres Church, Merced CA, included some folks who had studied the DVD set plus many who had not yet viewed the program. The concensus was that your live presentation was a refreshingly interesting approach (with Metaxas adding light humor) that was worth the frustration of waiting for many "frozen images" to resolve (possibly resulting from low server speed at our host site & from overload on your system). We sold 1/3 of the "Bookstore in a Box" media too. We appreciate your role model & stewardship!
Thank you!
Hello Chuck - and many thanks for the Doing the Right Thing simulcast. There were about a dozen viewers at the location nearest me, it was a huge blessing to be able to watch and become part of the movement...! I'll be waiting and watching for communication from you. God bless you and thank you for letting Him work through you and everyone who was part of making the series and presenting the simulcast.
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