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'Stop Dumbing Down Books for Teens'Gina DalfonzoJun 10, 2016 12:30 PMBooks, Trends, Youth Issues

'Good Reading for Teens -- Except for One Thing . . .'Gina DalfonzoFeb 26, 2016 11:52 AMBooks, Religion & Society, Sexual Ethics, Trends, Worldview, Youth Issues

'Nancy Drew is cooler at 85 than she’s ever been'Gina DalfonzoMay 04, 2015 5:05 PMArts & Media, Books, Gender Issues, Trends, Youth Issues

'Jane Austen invented #RealisticYA fiction'Gina DalfonzoApr 09, 2015 9:03 PMBooks, History, Humor, Trends, Worldview, Youth Issues

'The Deeper Draw of YA'Gina DalfonzoOct 10, 2014 1:09 PMBooks, Religion & Society, Trends, Worldview, Youth Issues

'Not Your Parents' Dystopias'Gina DalfonzoAug 29, 2014 4:20 PMBooks, Health & Science, History, Technology, Trends, Worldview, Youth Issues

'How Disney Princesses Lead Young Women To Dystopic Fiction'Gina DalfonzoApr 28, 2014 9:18 AMArts & Media, Books, Demographics, Gender Issues, Trends, Youth Issues

'The Awful Emptiness of 'Relatable''Gina DalfonzoApr 24, 2014 1:54 PMBooks, Education, Trends, Youth Issues

'The 8 Habits of Highly Successful Young-Adult Fiction Authors'Gina DalfonzoNov 07, 2013 1:53 PMBooks, Trends, Worldview, Youth Issues

'5 Signs You Are Reading Too Much YA'Gina DalfonzoOct 02, 2013 6:35 PMBooks, Humor, Trends, Youth Issues

'What's Really Killing Students' Love of Reading?'Gina DalfonzoJul 30, 2013 12:03 PMBooks, Education, Trends, Youth Issues

'Must Every New Coming-of-Age Novel Be 'the Next Catcher in the Rye?''Gina DalfonzoJun 26, 2013 10:51 AMBooks, Ethics, History, Trends, Worldview, Youth Issues

'Riot Recommendation: Dystopian Coming of Age Stories'Gina DalfonzoApr 23, 2013 11:01 AMBooks, Trends, Youth Issues

'Identity and Revolution,' part 1 and part 2Gina DalfonzoFeb 07, 2013 2:34 PMBooks, Religion & Society, Sexual Ethics, Trends, Worldview, Youth Issues

'Your Favorites: 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels'Gina DalfonzoAug 21, 2012 6:35 PMBooks, Trends, Youth Issues

'The Hunger Generation: 11 Soul Cries That Are No 'Game''Gina DalfonzoApr 09, 2012 11:44 AMArts & Media, Books, Ethics, Trends, Worldview, Youth Issues

'Team Bella or Team Katniss? It’s Not Even Close'Gina DalfonzoApr 05, 2012 11:29 AMArts & Media, Books, Ethics, Gender Issues, Marriage & Family, Sexual Ethics, Trends, Worldview

Roger Ebert on the dumbing down of classicsGina DalfonzoJul 13, 2011 11:46 AMBooks, Education, Trends, Youth Issues

BreakPoint links on 'Harry Potter'Gina DalfonzoJul 11, 2011 4:40 PMArts & Media, Books, Trends, Youth Issues

BreakPoint and Colson Center links on 'Twilight'Gina DalfonzoJul 11, 2011 4:12 PMArts & Media, Books, Trends, Youth Issues

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