Founder's Vision Drive

I just attended one of the most exciting Wilberforce Weekend events that we have ever put on.  We took time to commemorate the life and legacy of our friend and founder, Chuck Colson.

We celebrated the advancing of Chuck's legacy with great speakers, interactive exhibits, and the presentation of our annual Wilberforce award to Cardinal Timothy Dolan.  It was a tremendous time.

It's hard to believe that Chuck passed away a year ago.  But we're committed more than ever to continue his vision to equip followers of Christ to live and defend a Christian worldview.  You could feel that resolve in the air this weekend!

We also announced the start of our first ever, three-week Founder's Vision Drive.  I would love for you to join in this work to advance Chuck's legacy—along with the hundreds of Christians who came to this weekend's event.

You can help us raise $500,000 to continue our mission to build and resource a movement that will change people, communities, and our country for the Kingdom of God.

And we are being challenged by a couple of our supporters with a $100,000 challenge match to help get this drive started.  For every dollar you give, they will match your gift with another dollar up to $100,000!

Founder's Vision Drive

Our daily "BreakPoint" commentaries, our Centurions program, our cutting edge Christian worldview websites, all are the result of the generous donations of believers committed to living and defending the Truth in the public square.  And your monthly partnership will help us continue the work that Chuck began.

With your gift of any amount, you'll receive the "Remain at your posts" lapel pin Chuck's friends and colleagues wore at his memorial service last year.  "Remain at your posts" is what the former Marine would often say, and we believe it's exactly what he'd want us to do today.

Please give today to equip followers of Christ to live and defend a Christian worldview.


Alan Terwilleger