What is Freedom?

Maybe words are worth fighting over...

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Most cultural battles come down to definitions. When words change meaning, it really matters. Yesterday, we talked about what brings freedom. But do we even know what freedom is?

Freedom is often defined as the right to do whatever I want without restriction. In fact, that definition is so culturally-ingrained, that it's become not only about doing, but being. So no restriction on gender behavior becomes no restriction on gender identity. Is freedom really the right to choose anything?

Well research shows that addictions are at an all time high and continue to grow -- not just to drugs and alcohol, but technology, food, sex, Facebook, and even other people. A culture of addicts isn't free. It's enslaved. And if our definition of freedom makes us slaves, we need a better definition. Not choosing whatever we want, but making choices according to who God has made us to be.

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