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Is all this talk about religious freedom overdoing it? For the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I'm John Stonestreet with the Point.

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I’ve heard some Christians question our concern about religious freedom. No one is persecuted or killed here in America for their faith, they say. Besides, maybe it will help revive the church.

I recently answered those points during my weekly interview on The World and Everything In It, hosted by my friend Nick Eicher. First, just the number of challenges to religious freedom, from adoption agencies to private businesses to legislation, indicates something serious is going on. Second, the language being used, like giving up religious freedom being “the price of citizenship,” means a new understanding of American freedom is being smuggled in. Third, while it’s not persecution yet, does that mean it won’t be? And shouldn’t we defend what we have? And who, if American religious voices are silenced, will speak up for those who are persecuted?

Tomorrow, I join a panel of experts for a National Briefing on Religious Liberty. And, you can listen live online. Come to thePointRadio.org to learn how. That’s thePointRadio.org.

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