Religious Liberty: An Issue That Should Concern All Christians

After a week in Spain I'm in New York and yesterday I had lunch with Geoff Tunicliffe, the General Secretary of the World Evangelical Alliance. We had lunch in his office in New York's financial distict, overlooking the historic Trinity Wall Street Church. (That church and its magnificent building, the richest Episcopal parish in America by virtue of the land it owns around it, has 100 people or less in attendance on most Sundays. A sign of how far the once solid Episcopal Church USA has fallen.)

My week in Spain and my lunch with Geoff gave me a heightened appreciation for religious liberty issues around the world. The WEA, while more liberal than I am on many issues, has done effective behind-the-scenes work on religious liberty problems around the world. I've have more too say about that in the days and weeks ahead, but for now, here's Emily Belz's recent story about religious liberty problems in Egypt.

WORLD has long been a champion of religious liberty. Go to our web-site ( and type "liberty" into the search engine. More than 700 stories will show up, most of them concerned with religious liberty issues.

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