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Same-Sex Marriage, How Should Christians React and Respond?


Christians might be delusional when it comes to the issue of marriage and the culture. John Stonestreet tells us how we should rethink the whole issue.

Current Episode: May 10, 2013
Same-Sex Marriage, How Should Christians React and Respond?
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If you read in the book of Daniel you will find that Daniel did not bow down and just accept the worlds view, even though Daniel treated the one's persecuting him with kindness they still threw him and Meshack and Abendeggo in a oven. Just because they would not bow down. But Jesus was in there with them and they were not harmed. I will treat a gay couple with respect and kindness but I do not and will not say it is right.
Is there a transcript? Everything has to be in a brain-dead tweet or video for the illiterate these days. No wonder we are losing
Lately I've been thinking the same thing as Mark. Our position against SSM has been weakened by our failure to regard sex as more than a pleasurable act for the married couple. The natural result of the sex act is procreation - something mandated as part of the original instruction by God to the first human couple.
SSM 10May13
Good piece by John. I tire of every social issue turning back to "the church must repent first" as if the church is responsible for sin! When I hear this, I feel pushed back from the front line of action to the need to reach some near-perfect level of perfection before I or we are now qualified to advocate publicly regarding that issue.

Of course our advocating godly sexuality exposes the church to all kinds of criticism of members' sexual sins. But aren't we regularly confessing, in our advocacy, that we too are sinners, saved only by God's grace? We can't let our failing to be perfect, sinless, trump our need to advocate for the gospel and for what people can't not know about sexual morality.

Maybe a more substantial issue about which churches should repent is the place of children in marriage. Apart from Catholic teaching, rejecting artificial contraception, I'm not aware of much being taught in Protestant circles about the divine expectation that marriages will and should result in the raising of children, perhaps lots of them. Apart from faithful Catholics, we are complicit with this secular attitude toward marital sex: "it's mainly about my/our intimate pleasure, so we welcome artificial contraception and want to control, even keep minimal, the bearing of children because they are so much work and challenge our pleasure priority." Once we agree with the severing of sex from its obvious natural end of procreation--which is the culture created by the Pill and which is the majority view in our churches, I believe--I doubt that we can make as compelling a case against all kinds of sex outside genuine marriage. Why? Because we've conceded that sex, even is marriage, is firstly and mostly about partner pleasure. And once we concede that, to the secular mind, marriage itself means less because, many reason, intimate pleasure doesn't really require marriage and it doesn't even require one's intimate partner being of the opposite gender. So on this point, I agree to the need for the churches to repent deeply; but this repentance will be, for many, a matter of being taught about and of understanding marriage more comprehensively for the first time. I'm not Roman Catholic, but I think it's time for we Protestants who aim to be biblically faithful to acknowledge that the RCC and especially its encyclical Humanae Vitae got it right. But that's repentance straight, with no chaser!