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Three Questions, A Framework to Living in Our Culture


Despite the terrible brokenness all around you, as a faithful Christian, how should you think about and live in the world? John Stonestreet explains.

Current Episode: May 30, 2013
Three Questions, A Framework to Living in Our Culture
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Living in a dark but good world
Yes! this world is broken and some things cannot be tolerated. I am so inspired that there is good to be reminded of. A holy righteous God who created a beautiful earth with the hope of a more beautiful heaven. And within this beautiful earth is so much to sing about that is good. I hope my neighbors consider me responsible to stand for God's worldview. I think sometimes there is a perimeter line drawn around my home that includes all the places where we do our living, outside and inside. Within this imaginary line is the one true place where I can decide what goes on and what comes in and ultimately what goes out. I hope all the activity is considered responsible to Yahweh and leaves an impression that there must be a calling from God in this place.