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Should Pastors Be Patriotic?

Does Politics Belong in the Pulpit?


Since the founding of this nation, pastors have been involved in the political process. Today's pastors should do so too. John Stonestreet explains.

Current Episode: July 3, 2013
"Should Pastors Be Patriotic?: Does Politics belong in the Pulpit?"
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The real question is How to Act Both Politically a
I'd like to see you equipping the saints, with both tools and skills, to do both at the same time.
I recommend starting with the King's directive: "...and seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you, for in its welfare you will have welfare."
For example, there is a tremendous difference in the conversational effectgiveness with our secular friends between declaring that behavior Z is morally wrong, and asking "How does approving behavior Z benefit the state and the community?" The former ends whatever conversation we might have had; the second opens the door to the discussion of the morality of behavior Z.
Nationalism and Spiritual Warfare
Nationalism is God ordained, the scriptures make this clear.

Likewise the scriptures make it clear that the reason that this is so is because mankind is at war; a cosmic war of good versus evil. The battle rages every minute of every day and is apparent in ways both subtle and blatant.
What makes this era different is that evil is now cast as good by those who either participate in it or are ignorant of what evil truly is.
Spiritual warfare is not about spooks, and exorcisms, it is about truth. It is that battle that we must wage.