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Amusing Ourselves to Death

How We’ve Self-Inflicted Tyranny


Americans have become alarmed at the NSA and IRS's overreach, as we should. However, our biggest trouble isn't the specter of Big Brother, but mindless entertainment. John Stonestreet explains.

Current Episode: August 1, 2013
'Amusing Ourselves to Death: How We’ve Self-Inflicted Tyranny'
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While I agree with you about the dangers of "amusing ourselves to death" I think it's rather foolish to think that's a bigger problem than an out of control government. Facebook, Twitter, and TV networks don't have flying death robots and a civilian kill list, our government does. When a cop kicks your door in and shoots your dog at 3AM it won't be because your Xbox sent him.

-The Bechtloff
Your comment about "Liking" something being the extent of our activism brought to mind an amusing episode.

I read Andy Borowitz on Facebook, not because I share most of his liberal views (I don't), but because he is often quite funny. A year or two ago, he took a jab at the people who were using Joseph Kony as their profile pictures. Borowitz basically ridiculed all of those people for thinking that this was an even remotely significant action. He was deluged by upset fans who insisted that this was, in fact, a meaningful thing to do.