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The Walk Plus the Talk: Why Truth and Love are Inseparable

He Has Risen, Part 2


In this week's ReSeries, John Stonestreet issues a dire warning to Christians: If you're eliminating portions of Scripture that offends modern sensibilities, you are making a bargain with the devil.

Current Episode: March 20, 2014
Mature Faith or Christian Adolescence?

Talking Points - "The Greatest of These" by T. M. Moore
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Master Gunny
I would no sooner apologize to a non-believer for the God-sanctioned purges of the Old Covenant than I would apologize for gravity when someone has droped something on their foot.
The sovereign of the universe created both natural and spiritual laws and will not rescind them. We humans can either do our traveling through life in harmony with those laws or be crushed by them both in time as well as eternity.
The body of Christ need not cower in the face of humanist cries of the injustice or cruelty of God if we are committed to the Bible as exressing God's truths.
The trivial sufferings of this life, no matter how severe, are paltry compared the suffering which will be the fate of all who reject God's message as revealed in and by His Son.
Likewise the body of Christ must recapture the sacredness and rekindle the awe which should be our approach to the logos of God.
In addition the church must insist that those institutions which provide pastors and other ministers have on staff only those professors who are reborn and who subscribe to a high view of scripture. To do otherwise is infest our churches with men who subvert and distort the Good News.