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Oh give thanks to the LORD; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples! Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works! Psalm 105:1, 2

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Human beings are a forgetful lot. There’s just too much to keep in mind. That’s why we need so many prompts to get through the day safely. We need to be told when to get up in the morning, when to stop or go in our cars, what time our next meeting is, when we’ve received a new email, when someone is calling us on the phone, and so forth. All these signs, alarms, Post-it notes, and ticklers prompt and remind us of important things we need to do.

Since worship is the most important thing anyone can do, shouldn’t we have some prompts to call us to praise and thanksgiving at various times during the day? Church bells, as you know, originated as a means of calling people to come together for worship or prayer. The call to worship during Sunday morning service cues the congregation to get ready to praise the Lord. Since it’s obvious we need such prompts, and since we are called to give praise and thanks to God always and in all things, it would be helpful if God Himself would provide us with some prompts and reminders throughout the day, so that we can fulfill this, our highest calling in life, with greater consistency and satisfaction.

In fact, this is what we find in the creation around us. The creation and everything in it declare the glory of God day by day and night after night (Ps. 19:1-4). God is making Himself known in the creation, teaching us the ways of wisdom, supplying all our needs, drawing out our creativity and industry, providing us a framework for everyday life, and teaching us to be good stewards of everything He has entrusted to us. These would seem to be plenty good reasons to praise and thank the Lord. Creation veritably abounds with cues and prompts, reminders and alarms, calling us to turn our hearts and minds to the Creator and Sustainer of all things, and to open our mouths in praise and thanks. The more we study to understand and appreciate the creation as the servant it is, assigned by God to help us in our calling to build His Church, the more consistently and sincerely we will respond to the creation with worship and praise.

This is creation’s highest work – prompting, calling, and aiding us in giving God the praise He is due. But we need to learn how to respond to those prompts when they come. A brief word of praise or thanks, quiet meditation on a creation psalm, singing to the Lord, inviting another person to observe the glory of God and to join us in giving thanks – these are just some of the ways we can allow this faithful servant to aid us in fulfilling our highest calling. What would be the result if Christians began to be more responsive to creation’s prompts to praise? Surely boasting in the Lord would increase, the Name of Jesus would be more in the public’s eye, and we would know more of the joy and satisfaction that come from giving God the praise and glory which are His due.

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