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The Lord of the Heart (5)

And Moses called Bezalel and Oholiab and every craftsman in whose mind the LORD had put skill, everyone whose heart stirred him up to come to do the work.
Exodus 36:2

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People whose hearts have begun to be stirred for ministry will be ready to give themselves in service, according to the vision cast for them by their appointed leaders. But those leaders must be gifted for the work to which they are calling the Lord’s people and examples of the kind of people God is calling us to be.

Consider Moses: Here was a man concerning whose character and calling none had any doubt. Moses walked with God. He was zealous for God’s glory and eager for God’s people to walk in holiness. Moses was a man, as everyone could see, who spent time with God in the most intimate fellowship, and whose life, as a result, reflected the glory of God in striking ways. When Moses declared to the people the vision of God’s calling for them, they had no doubt this word had come directly from the Lord. Moses knew the Lord, and he walked with the Lord; the people were willing to hear and follow him because of the kind of man he was in his relationship with God.

Bezalel and Oholiab, similarly, were men filled with the Spirit of the living God (Ex. 35:30, 31). They possessed intelligence, knowledge, and excellent skills, both to do the work of the tabernacle and to teach others to do it as well (35:31-35). Moreover, they were men whose own hearts were stirred for this great work of ministry (36:2). Here were men who knew the Lord, were gifted by Him for the work of ministry, and who were eager to do whatever the Lord called them to do with the talents He had given them. These are the kind of leaders a people whose hearts are stirred for ministry will be willing to follow.

With these two were also other craftsmen whose hearts were stirred to serve the Lord, so that, from Moses to the goldsmiths to the seamstresses, carpenters, rope-makers, and jewelers, a strong contingent of spiritual and gifted men and women rose up to lead the people to the work God had appointed them. When people see such people, whose lives they know and admire, rising up to give themselves to the work of the Lord, they cannot help, if their hearts are being stirred, but want to be involved with them in whatever work the Lord has appointed for them.

Jesus reminded us that no disciple is greater than his master, no student will grow beyond the level of his teacher. If we want people to be willing, eager, active, and effective servants of the Lord in ministry, then the leaders who stand before them must be such people as well – men and women of true spirituality, whose lives radiate the righteousness, peace, and joy in the Spirit of the Kingdom of God. The leaders of God’s people must identify their own gifts and hone them to the highest level of skill. They must be ready to embrace the Lord’s vision as it begins to become clear, and to stand forth before the people of God, ready to do the work and to enable others to do it as well.

Gifted and exemplary leaders are essential to helping those whose hearts the Lord is stirring for ministry to find their place of service. We will not succeed in motivating people to take up the work of building the Lord’s house if we do not call upon the Lord to raise up leaders whom they can follow in this great calling and task.

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