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Seeing the Kingdom (2)

…for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light…
--Ephesians 5:8

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The Apostle Paul teaches that all who have come to faith in Jesus Christ have been delivered from the domain of darkness and sin and transferred into the Kingdom of God’s beloved Son. Jesus describes this as being “born again.” The believer has been awakened from the sleep of death, which characterizes all who continue in their trespasses and sins (Eph. 2:1-3), and inhabits now a realm of light. In the light of Jesus’ grace and truth believers are free from condemnation, liberated to know the truth, and firmly positioned to engage and express the glory of the living God (Rom. 8:1; Jn. 8:32; Rom. 5:1, 2).

Now, all things have become new. Old ways of thinking, feeling, and living begin to be set aside, and the ways of those who walk in the light as Jesus is in the light come increasingly to characterize the lives of all who truly believe (2 Cor. 5:17-21; Eph. 4:17-24). Everything has changed, and everything is changing as the follower of Jesus Christ grows to know more of the experience of living in the Kingdom of Jesus.

Jesus promised those listening to Him that they would see the Kingdom of God in just a short time. With their eyes they would be able to observe the evidence of something altogether new, a power breaking in from beyond this material world to renew, regenerate, revive, and restore human lives, and to bring into being a community and a movement that would turn the world upside down for Jesus Christ.

As we read the book of Acts and peruse the apostolic letters in the New Testament, it’s not difficult to see the evidence that what Jesus promised certainly came to pass. The Kingdom of God came, beginning in the ancient city of Jerusalem, and spreading out from there to affect the whole world.

The first evidence of the coming of the Kingdom is that which comes to expression in the life of one whose soul has been awakened from death to life. Perhaps you can recall your own experience of first coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ: the surprise of learning that you are loved by One Who had given His life for you; the gratitude welling up from within as you realized the mercy that had been extended to you; the overall sense of well-being which, while you may not have been able to explain it, you knew to be something real, lasting, and transformational.

If your experience was anything like mine, you could not explain either what had happened or what you’d done to know this experience of awakening. The day I became a Christian I walked back to my fraternity house from the student union, came in through the front door, walked through the foyer and living room to the upstairs hall and into my room, where I simply sat down on the bed in a mood of mystery, joy, and reflection.

Soon, four of my fraternity brothers wandered into the room and sat down, one by one. I’d passed them coming into the house, but whether I spoke to them or not, I cannot recall. After what seemed like a long time, one of my brothers said, “OK, Moore, what’s going on?” I didn’t know what he meant and said so. He asked, “What have you done? What’s happened to you?” I shrugged and shook my head. He said, “Something has happened, or you’ve done something, because, I don’t know, you just seem very, very different.” The other three concurred with his observations.

I didn’t know what to say, but I had to say something. So I simply shook my head back and forth and said, “I don’t know. I can’t explain it. All I know is, that for the first time in my life, I’ve done something completely right.” Over the next two years each of the men in that room would become believers in Jesus Christ, not because of me or my witness, but perhaps, at least, because they’d seen on that day a glimpse of real awakening, right there in our fraternity house.

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