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So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Who are you?

My father-in-law, the late Dr. Lane Adams, told me of an interview he saw between Merv Griffin and the actor, Kirk Douglas, which I think has a bearing on this matter of living for Christ, living in a Christianly mindful way, in every aspect of our lives.

It seems Mr. Douglas was driving down the coastal highway in California one day, when he came upon a sailor, thumbing for a ride. After passing him, Mr. Douglas slowed down, pulled over, and motioned for the young man to hop in. The sailor ran up to the car, opened the back door and threw in his duffle bag, then got in the front and glanced at the driver to say, “Thanks.” Immediately, the young man did a double-take, and with a look of astonishment on his face, he asked, “Do you know who you are!?”

That’s a good question to ask ourselves as we get ready and set ourselves to go out each day into our Personal Mission Fields. “Who are you?” The way we answer that question will define the purpose with which we go forth and the progress – or lack thereof – that we make in our Kingdom-seeking activities throughout the day.

Not who you think you are

Too many Christians, I believe, don’t really know who they are. Peter says we are a royal priesthood, a chosen generation, a people belonging to God, so that we might day by day declare the many excellencies of Him Who brought us out of darkness into His glorious light (1 Pet. 2:9, 10). Do we believe that? Is this how you think about yourself as you begin your daily routines and duties?

Jesus said that we are His witnesses (Acts 1:8). Indeed, He said that He has given us His Spirit so that we might live and speak in such a way as to declare to everyone we meet that He is alive from the dead and He is Lord. Do you believe that? Is this the way you think about yourself, as a witness for the King of the universe?

Jesus has given us a mandate to make disciples (Matt. 28:18-20). Thus, we should also think of ourselves as sent to the people around us for the purpose of making Jesus known and of helping those who know Him to grow in His grace and truth. We are disciple-makers and witnesses and priests and kings. That’s who we are.

Is that how you see yourself? Or do you not know who you are?

To whom are you listening?

Look, the world tells us that religion doesn’t matter. That Christianity is irrelevant. That the Bible isn’t true. So if we listen to what the world tells, we’re going to end up thinking that we’re silly, irrelevant, deceived people, and that, at best, our religion is just a personal thing.

But if we listen to Jesus, speaking in His Word, we obviously get a quite different picture. So whom are you listening to? As you prepare each day and get ready to go out into your Personal Mission Field, whose voice resonates in your ear? Whose purpose determines your path? Whose goals define the ends you seek?

Get ready in the Lord each day. Set your mind on Him. And go with the assurance that your life matters more than you or anyone can ever begin to fathom. If you will do this, you’ll find, day by day, that you are living a more Christianly mindful life, and knowing more of the Kingdom presence and power of Christ, than you’ve ever known before.

Next steps

How can you know when the “voice” you’re listening to is that of the world or the Lord? Talk with some Christian friends about this question.

THE_CHRISTIAN_MINDStart your own ViewPoint discussion group. This week’s series is available in a free downloadable format, suitable for group study. Request the series, “Ready. Set. Go!” For more insight to this subject, order the book, The Christian Mind, by Harry Blamires, from our online store. You might also read the article, “Words to Live By: A Basic Worldview Vocabulary,” by T. M. Moore.

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