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  • John Stonestreet on Focus on the Family

    John is on the show today and tomorrow, talking about "Building a Biblical Worldview of Marriage and Family." Go here to listen online!READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Who's Deranged Here?

    I'm no fan of the Duggar family's belief system, but this story has me pretty upset on their behalf. A certain segment of the Left has gone completely unhinged because Jessa Duggar, after walking through the Holocaust Museum, made a comparison between the slaughter of Hitler's victims and the slaughter of the unborn.

    This makes Jessa "deranged," "extreme," and "out of touch," according to Cosmopolitan, as well as a lot of things that I can't reprint here, according to various Twitter commenters. Read's summary at the link above (Warning: It reprints quite a few of those unprintable comments), and you'll be left wondering who's really "deranged" in this scenario.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • The Latest from Canon Andrew White on Iraq

    The Rev. Canon Andrew White, “Vicar of Baghdad” and this year’s Wilberforce Award Winner, made a live appearance on The Kelly File” on Fox News Tuesday evening. His report on the advance of ISIS on Baghdad, and the difficulties he would face if he had to flee, and his assessment of Iraqi forces and the U.S. bombing campaign are all cause for concern and for prayer.

    It also makes me wonder if we’re getting the straight dope (wow, I just set that one up) from the White House and the Pentagon about the situation around Baghdad.
  • True Segregationists

    One of the most common and seemingly effective arguments in favor of same-sex marriage is the comparison of natural marriage proponents to racists bent on propping up the segregationist policies of the Deep South. Denying gay-identified couples the so-called “right to marry,” the argument holds, is akin to forbidding mixed race couples from marrying.

  • Strengthening Society

    The Heritage Foundation and the National Review Institute are co-hosting a panel discussion called "Strengthening Society: What Progress on Life Can Teach Us for Challenges Facing the Family," starting at 9 this morning (that is, in a couple of minutes). A couple of my old friends and colleagues, Chuck Donovan and Jennifer Marshall, will be among the speakers and should be well worth hearing. Click here to watch online!READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Nothing to Do with Islam

    I was waiting and waiting for Mark Steyn's take on last week's beheading in Moore, Oklahoma. He did not disappoint. Money quote: "'Nothing to do with Islam' is not yet the leading cause of death in developed nations, but it's making impressive strides."READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Cleansing Breaths

    More than 40 years ago, Corrie ten Boom told me to calm down a bit and relax. Well, with apologies to that great woman, this isn’t going to help.

    That’s right, a California charter school banned “The Hiding Place” from what it hilariously calls its “curriculum warehouse” as part of a policy that prohibits “sectarian materials on our state-authorized lending shelves.”
  • Poeticizing Death

    The pro-choice crowd's "safe, legal and rare" sloganeering days are long gone. Embattled and becoming rarer, defenders of unrestricted abortion access have dropped the old tone and taken to glorifying the procedure as a positive good for women, even going so far as to suggest that abortion isn't really a difficult decision.

    But pro-abortion poetry? That's a new low. I wish I were making this up.


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  • Celebrating Death

    I hope they think about what they’re saying! For the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

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