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  • Sexual Atheism in the Church

    If I were to stand outside a church and call the people inside atheists, you’d think I was crazy. But what if I were to accuse them of being sexual atheists?

    Sexual atheism” is a new term, but helps to explain the impact of a deeply impoverished Christian vision of human sexuality. In his article for Charisma, Kenny Luck writes that “nearly nine out of 10 self-proclaimed single Christians are, in practice, sexual atheists. In other words, God has nothing to say to them on that subject of any consequence or, at least, anything meaningful enough to dissuade them from following their own course of conduct. It is the ultimate oxymoron. A person who at once believes in a wise, sovereign and loving God who created them and all things, can also believe simultaneously He should not, cannot or will not inform their thinking or living sexually.”

    Luck cites a survey of Christian singles in which 63 percent of them said they would have sex before marriage. In practice, the number may be even higher. So, what is the church to do?

  • A Horrifying Marriage Ruling

    I always thought that "Universal Horror" was a film franchise. Not anymore. Now it's the basis for court rulings on domestic relations.

    And the result -- legal recognition of uncle/niece marriage in the state of New York -- is, well, horrifying.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Is Brittany Maynard Rethinking November 1?

    CBS News reports that the young woman who was committed to taking her own life may wait a while to see what happens with her disease. Please keep praying that Maynard will choose life.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Materialists Love Marilynne Robinson

    In Marilynne Robinson’s "Gilead," the narrator, John Ames, talks about the mystery of predestination and how it beyond human ken to understand the ways of God. You know what else is a mystery? The reception Robinson gets among critics and intellectuals who normally despise Christianity. Her newest novel,"Lila," is her third work to make it as a finalist for the National Book Award. READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Pigs Are Flying

    That is to say, The New Yorker profiled a pro-life activist and her organization -- Marjorie Dannenfelser and SBA List -- and actually treated them seriously and respectfully. So seriously and respectfully, in fact, that SBA List has compiled a list of the 10 best quotes from the article.

    The article is, in fact, littered with sentences that suggest the pro-life message might -- just might -- be starting to break through. Like this:
  • Science, Meditation, and Whaddya Know?

    My good friend T. M. Moore e-mailed this to me. Wanted to share:

    "In yet another example of science catching up to faith, reporters explain that the practice of meditation is good for you (Matthieu Ricard, Antoine Lutz, and Richard J. Davidson, 'Mind of the Meditator,' Scientific American, November 2014).
  • I Come Not to Praise Bradlee

    Benjamin Bradlee, retired Washington Post editor who died last Tuesday at the age of 93, is widely considered to have been a great newspaperman. I love the "Style" section of the Washington Post, which was his idea. But he was far from perfect.

  • I Stand Sunday, November 2

    Emily Colson has alerted us to Focus on the Family’s “IStandSunday” event for religious freedom, coming up a week from Sunday at 7 P.M. Eastern.

    Here’s how FoF describes the event: READ FULL ARTICLE »

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