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  • Open book thread

    I recently finished reading "Sun Shine Down" by Gillian Marchenko (whom I know slightly through one of my online writers' groups). Gillian and her husband, Sergei, were living as church planters in Ukraine when their third daughter was born. After a difficult birth, Gillian was floored by the words "They suspect the baby may have Down syndrome."

    Already facing the day-to-day struggle of life in a culture very different from her own -- a culture with even less tolerance of Down syndrome than the United States -- Gillian now had a child with a condition she knew almost nothing about. READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • By the numbers

    TIME magazine reports, "For the first time in 57 years the Centers for Disease Control’s National Health Information Survey has surveyed adults on their sexual orientation, and the results published Tuesday show that 1.6% of adults aged 18 or over identified as gay, while another 0.7% identified as bisexual."

    In other words, we're being asked to remake marriage (not to mention completely change the face of primetime television) to be in accord with the desires of less than 3 percent of the population.

    Makes you think, doesn't it?READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Storms of Life

    This past Monday I had the honor of addressing the Prison Fellowship Ministry staff in our weekly gathering. As I went before the Lord asking what He was laying on my heart to share, He took me all over the place. Finally, though, I landed in one comfortable spot: READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • The church and film can find common ground in discussions on depravity

    James Franco has recently adapted William Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying" and Cormac McCarthy's "Child of God" into films; it is rumored that Franco will eventually adapt McCarthy's "Blood Meridian" as well. All three novels (and film adaptations) share a significant theme in common: they attempt to explore human depravity at its darkest, deepest, and most devastating.

    An article at Christ and Pop Culture suggests that Franco's adaptation of these three films shows a continuing trend in modern filmmaking: "an invitation to consider depravity." The article goes on to say (and rightly so, I believe), "If these adaptations and their sources reveal anything, it’s that culture is interested not only displaying depravity but also in interpreting it, an interest the Church must share."
  • WORLD's Children's Book of the Year

    WORLD has named Andrew Peterson's "The Warden and the Wolf King" its Children's Book of the Year. I had the honor of being asked to serve on the selection committee, and I very much enjoyed Peterson's action-adventure fantasy -- the final entry in his "Wingfeather Saga" -- which was by turns creepy, funny, exciting, and deeply moving. Peterson's achievement is all the more impressive given the fact that he had to raise the money for its publication himself. As Janie B. Cheaney explains in her article for WORLD, "The Warden and the Wolf King project became the most successful fiction campaign in Kickstarter’s history." READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • More on Rep. Ryan's anti-poverty plan

    Valen blogged yesterday about the rollout of Rep. Paul Ryan's new anti-poverty plan. Now here's Craig Roche of Justice Fellowship with more on how Ryan's legislation would "help advance key principles of restorative justice."READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • We Are N

    If you see a certain unusual symbol showing up all over your Facebook today, there's a very good reason.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Let's hear it for the good guys

    Alissa Wilkinson has a great post up at her blog at Christianity Today, celebrating the good ministers of film and TV -- ministers who show true godliness and integrity. (And I had the honor of contributing one to the collection!) Go here to see who made the list, and to make suggestions of your own.READ FULL ARTICLE »

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