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  • Why Doesn't God Stop Suffering? (Part 1)

    This world is full of suffering and pain, and God does allow it. And while we may understand to a point why God had to allow suffering, why doesn’t he end it now? Why has he allowed it to continue so long? That is a troubling question.

    A perfect and holy God created a perfect world. He “looked over all he made, and he saw that it was excellent in every way” (Genesis 1:31 NLT). Yet not for long. Because of free will, humans had a choice of God’s way or their way. They chose their way, and sin and evil entered the world. The perfect paradise God had created was destroyed. And from that moment forward—multiplied thousands of years—hunger, disease, hatred, wars, and untold heartache have plagued the human race. It is true God has promised to redeem those who trust in his Son for salvation and to restore creation back to his original design. But why is God taking so long to correct the tragic mess humans have made of this world?
  • File this one under 'Image of God'

    What's the key to the type of talent Paul Smith had? This former resident of an Oregon nursing home became an internet phenomenon when John Stofflet of NBC posted his classic segment from Wisconsin's WMTV on YouTube. In its odd way, the Internet's viral content mill often gives old stories a new lease on life. That's what happened with this five-minute video on Smith's life, and it certainly deserved to be retold. READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • No 'There's' Not!

    Point of editorial privilege. This post has nothing to do with a Christian worldview on anything (unless someone wants to make a theological point about the importance of the spoken word). It’s about grammar. And subject-verb agreement.
  • Warden Cain: Change the person, change the prisons

    If you followed the work of Chuck Colson for any length of time, you've probably heard of Warden Burl Cain of Angola Prison in Louisiana. Chuck spent more than one Easter preaching at Angola, and he frequently spoke and wrote about the ways that the warden's faith had helped change the prison. Today in First Things, Peter J. Leithart has a short but fascinating profile of Warden Cain and his groundbreaking work making a maximum-security prison "the safest place in the country."

    (H/T David Carlson)READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • September 11

    I’ve worked at Prison Fellowship and the Colson Center for 26 years, but by far my most memorable day at work was September 11, 2001.

    A young writer popped into my office that morning and said, “Hey, a small plane just crashed into the World Trade Center.”

    Okay. That’s weird.

    And then, of course, it got weirder. READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Hollywood selfies and naked souls

    I love the way Wendy Shalit, author of "A Return to Modesty," handled the topic of the Hollywood selfie scandal. The problem, she explains, is not just that young girls are pressured to take nude pictures of themselves (though obviously, that's a BIG part of the problem). The real problem is that we've failed to teach young people how to value and cherish their privacy, instead encouraging them to constantly strive for attention by putting everything out there. If they're routinely supposed to bare their souls for public consumption, Shalit argues, it's only a short step from there to baring their bodies.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Never a freak

    Former BreakPoint social media intern Robert Tucker has written his testimony on his new blog. It's good and valuable reading for anyone who's ever felt like a freak, and needs to be reminded of how God sees him or her.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Diversity = conservatism?

    About a dozen times a day, I see ads and headlines and e-mails promising, "This will surprise you!" It rarely turns out to be true. But this really did surprise me: READ FULL ARTICLE »

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  • A Missionary in Nanking

    The Gospel was in action -- even in the hells of war. For the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

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